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Welcome to Go Green With Solar Energy. We've created this site because our beautiful Earth really needs our help! We want to help make solar power simple, affordable and available to everyone, by sharing information about this clean and renewable energy resource.

Go Green Solar Energy

Harnessing the natural energy of the sun is a great idea, but one of the roadblocks that people face in setting up a a home solar energy system is the expense.

Even though sunlight is free, the materials that transform sunlight into electricity can be dauntingly expensive!

Many ordinary people, and especially those who are devoting their lives to helping the Earth may not have a huge budget to devote to converting your whole house over to solar.

Affordable Solar Power for All

It is my dream that one day everyone who wants to live in a home powered with solar energy systems can do so! My dream is slowly becoming a reality, as the cost of using solar continues to become more affordable.

All this being said, the solar industry has faced some challenges in recent years and so it is up to each of us individually, to do everything we can to make choices in our daily lives that can help the Earth.

This site is dedicated to inspiring and educating you and helping you find affordable solar energy and ideas for using clean, renewable energy in your daily life.

I am creating this site in order to learn more about solar and renewable energy myself, and to share what I've learned with others.

Our site has been used to help educate high school students about solar energy, and I'm thrilled that ouyoung people are learning more about how to create a better world, to save on energy costs, and to find new ways of living that are both sustainable AND healthy.

Whether you are an experienced solar enthusiast, or are brand new to learning about the advantage of renewable energy, I hope that you will find information AND inspiration here about how to go green with solar!

Solar Power Facts

We'll start with some basic solar power facts. Did you know that our Earth receives more energy from the sun in one single hour than the entire population can use in a year? All we need to do is find ways to harness and use this tremendously abundant, clean, renewable energy resource.

How Does Solar Power Work?

We will explain all the different usages of residential solar power both passive and direct. Find out what it means to be off-grid and on grid. We will also discuss the history of solar power and how this marvelous energy source was first discovered.

Find out the cost of using solar power

We will discuss the cost and setting up of:

  1. solar heating
  2. solar lighting
  3. solar water heater
  4. solar water pump

We will also point out how to get solar power grants.

home solar panels

Learn how to build a solar panel and use this alternative energy to completely run your entire household. Learn how to use RV solar panels for travel, and more!

Fun and Energy Saving Solar Gadgets Anyone Can Use

Every day, more unique and fun ways of using solar energy are developed. Many of these are now even available at your local department store!

Nowadays, even those of us on a budget can use solar power in some form or other. For example, I would like to afford a whole home solar energy system, but right now I cannot.

There are however a number of other portable solar devices that I can afford to use! Some of my personal favorites are:

solar trash compactor
  • Solar trash compactors are free to use and more and more forward thinking towns and cities are using them. I am seeing more and more of in my local area, and when I travel! Here's one we found in Concord, Massachusetts.

  • Solar wireless keyboards which don't need batteries, but run on the power of the sun. They are a little more expensive than battery powered keyboards but not by much.

  • Portable solar radios which come with a solar panel AND a hand crank. Although most people won't want to use this every day, it works great for power outages, camping, or any time you need a radio when you don't have batteries or electricity. I've found these at a price not much more than a regular battery powered radio.

  • Solar battery chargers are now available in a variety of shapes and sizes, for AAA batteries, cell phones, and even larger batteries.

  • Solar backpacks which are useful and fun for students or campers, to power your laptop, cell phone and wireless devices.

  • Solar outdoor lights which can be used to light your walkway, patio or yard. You can even find these at the supermarket in some places (although this may not be the best place to buy good ones!)

I hope we can be helpful to you, and I invite you to request our free Affordable Solar Resource Library which has a wealth of free information on how to go green with solar!

Best wishes,

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