12 Volt Solar Power

12 volt solar power panels are very popular and very portable, but these small solar panels do not give enough energy or electricity to power an entire house.

12 volt solar power

They are however more than enough to power smaller devices that would normally require batteries, and are perfect for recharging batteries or for use in your RV or boat.

These 12v solar panels are also called portable solar panels, because they generate considerably less electricity and energy than do the full scale solar panels.

They draw energy from full sunlight but can also draw energy on cloudy days, albeit at a slower rate. Although they can draw energy from a cloudy day these portable 12v solar panels cannot yet draw from indoor lighting.

This technology is still in development and one day these portable solar panels may be able to use indoor lighting to charge as well!

Cautions When Using Portable 12v Solar Panels

A word of caution with using these portable systems ... they can overcharge whatever device you are recharging! This can be prevented if you purchase a 12 volt system with a built-in regulator. The regulator will adjust to the amount of energy that your rechargeable device needs without overloading it.

Many of the portable 12v solar panels are even small enough to fold up and fit into a handbag. Some are even small enough to fit into a large pocket!

Each solar cell is fitted onto a piece of bendable material which allows for it to be folded. The solar cells themselves do not and should not bend, but the material around them does, which allows them to be portable.

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