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Hello, and thank you for visiting! I created Go Green Solar Energy to educate "every day folks" just like you and me about the many new options that are becoming available for using solar, green and renewable energy sources in our daily lives.

It is my hope that your visit here will inspire you to embrace the positive changes that are coming about in today's world as we discover new and more affordable ways to "go green" and to use solar and renewable energy in our daily lives.

One of the challenges we face in today’s world is that setting up home solar power systems are still expensive in many parts of the world. Many people want to use renewable energy and choose more sustainable ways of living, but it is not always possible financially!

I am in that position as well, as I'd like to "go solar" however it's just not possible right now. So, I am researching, learning, and planning, so that when the time is right, my husband and I can transition to using solar and other renewable energy sources.

I created this site, with the help of a small team of dedicated helpers, to share what I am learning about the exciting new options now available in small AND large ways to use solar energy in our daily lives.

Even if we can't afford a whole home solar power system yet, we might be able to use a solar battery charger or solar outdoor lights!

I hope you find the information helpful!

My Inspiration

In 2009 I became inspired to learn more about solar energy, but my real inspiration for this site is my Dad.

He was a committed and passionate advocate for the environment and for the Earth, long before it became fashionable.

Dad wrote letters to stop overdevelopment in our hometown, and dug up dandelions on our lawn (before the days of pesticides) to have fresh greens in the springtime.

He knew the names of every plant we walked by on the nature trails that we would visit on vacations to Cape Cod, and he loved to spend quiet time in the outdoors where he felt rejuvenated and refreshed by all the gifts that Mother Nature has to offer.

He and my Mom liked nothing better than to take a walk in the park or simply to be outdoors together with our family.

To make some extra money for his growing family, he would take on extra landscaping jobs around town, and I have happy memories of going with him and feeling so impressed with how beautiful he would make the yard!

My Dad taught me to love nature, and I'm so grateful to him for this! I miss him and I know he would be SO happy to see so many people today learning about solar energy today.

Some Pictures!

I've lived in many amazing and beautiful places in the world. My favorite was in the beautiful high desert of Bend, Oregon USA. I just love the magnificence of the Earth here, and the nearby Cascade mountains which sparkle in the sunlight for most days of the year.

Sunlight on Hill

My husband and I were blessed to live on a several acres of land so that we could connect with the Earth on a daily basis. In warmer months, we are visited by a variety of birds, rabbits, hares, lizards, and "lava cuties", which is our pet name for the cute ground squirrels (without tails!) that lived in the lava rocks in our yard.

This is the view we saw when we drove into town!

Nice Road

We loved to visit the many amazing places in this area that are filled with nature's beauty. This is a picture my husband took at one of our favorite nearby rivers.

Why Did I Create This Site?

beautiful river

My husband and I have dedicated our lives to helping the Earth through our spiritual healing work.

I have been working online since 2001 developing informational websites that provide education, healing and practical support to people on a number of different topics that are relevant to today's changing world.

I am totally not technically minded or business minded, but I do love to learn and I have found a way to turn my practical life experience and interests into a way to help support our healing work. See my how to be green page for more about this.

Helping the Earth

The Earth really needs our help, and each one of us can make a difference, every day, by the choices we make in our daily lives.

It may not seem like much to turn off a light switch, to recycle a can, or to use a solar powered battery charger, but all these choices add up over time.

To create a better world for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren, requires finding new ways of living that are sustainable, affordable, and healthy. We have all the resources that we need to transition to a healthier and more environmentally friendly world.

As more people take responsibility for creating a positive future, we can work together to find solutions!

Today more people are understanding our planet's environmental crisis and are committing themselves to finding more harmonious ways to live. When each of us does just a little, it adds up. I invite you to join us in learning more about solar energy!

You can get started by joining our free, Affordable Solar Energy library that contains several substantial eBooks with a wealth of information on how to set up a solar system in your home without breaking the bank!

Best wishes,

Go Green Solar Energy

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