The Advantage of Renewable Energy

Examples of Renewable Energy

The most important advantage of renewable energy is that it doesn't run out. Renewable energy is also known as sustainable energy, which simply renews itself, therefore making these sources of energy readily available whenever needed.

advantage of renewable energy

Renewable energy is the smart choice for our children and grandchildren, and for the future of our Earth. Fossil fuels are non-renewable energy sources, and at some point will disappear completely.

These examples of renewable energy are just the beginning, as new technologies are being developed every day now!

Examples of Renewable Energy

Sources of renewable energy include sunshine, water (hydroelectric), wind, geo-thermal, bio-fuels, and tidal energy.

Another advantage of renewable energy is that it is a cleaner and more eco-friendly means to powering everything from our homes, factories, businesses, and industry.

Unfortunately, many of these sources of energy aren't yet being utilized to their full capacity, due to the cost associated with developing the means to capture and utilize renewable resources.

Renewable energy sources can't compete against their fossil fuel counterparts in the market at this point in time. Renewable forms of energy are more expensive to utilize overall so they're not as available as fossil fuels.

As more and more people come to make using renewable energy sources a priority, more ways will be found to harness and use these abundant natural resources and to make them affordable for everyone.

Right now, most average consumers aren't able to afford what is currently on the market in the way of solar vehicles or wind generated energy. However, solar is one form of renewable energy that many homeowners and businesses are now utilizing to cut down on energy costs and to choose a "greener" lifestyle.

At a glance, what is the advantage of renewable energy? Or rather, what are the advantages?

  • By using renewable energy sources, there is less damage that occurs to the environment and ecological systems.

  • These sources are more cost efficient once the initial investment has been made and the means for using each source is fully developed and in place.

  • Renewable energy sources could be readily available to most or all people, enabling families and businesses to be more self-sufficient.

  • Wind, solar, tidal, bio-fuels, geo-thermal heat, and water all regenerate, or renew themselves naturally, so there is no fear of running out of these precious resources, no matter how long they are used.

  • Renewable energy sources do not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere like their fossil fuel counterparts. This translates into cleaner air and water for years to come, which also means the threat of global warming would no longer be an immediate issue.

Amazing Renewable Energy Facts

Here are some interesting statistics that relate to the advantage of renewable energy:

  • Did you know that if we harnessed the power of the winds that blow in the United States alone each year, it would produce more than 1 ½ times the amount of electricity we presently use? That means excess!

  • Here is another amazing advantage of renewable energy. The solar energy that shines down onto the Earth each minute, (notice I didn't say days or months), is greater than what the world actually eats up in fossil fuels in a year. Can you imagine what we could do with excess solar energy?

These are just a few reasons why renewable energy sources are truly the better choice when it comes to cleaning up our environment and being good stewards of the Earth so our children and grandchildren can enjoy the beauty and wonder of the world around us.

More Renewable Energy Resources

If you live in New Zealand, Abacus Finance can help with mortgage loans, and has a particular interest in eco homes.

My friend Jacob has a fantastic solar energy site which includes helpful information about Off Grid Microhydro Power Generation and other renewable and solar energy topics.

Here are some additional useful places to learn about the latest news in renewable energy at Alternative Energy News.

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