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by Jorge Linares
(Miami, FL, USA)


We are writing to you regarding your website We are a renewable energy distributor located in Miami, FL.

We are interested in advertising in your website. Could you advise to us what you have available and please give us a good monthly/yearly price.

We notice you have a lot of articles as well which I took the time to read for a few minutes, very interesting articles.

Could you include a featured article to describe more about our company and products we provide?

Best regards,
Sun Electronics

Our reply

Hi Jorge, thanks very much for your inquiry about advertising on our site. We do have a number of ad opportunities both free and paid.

Free Advertising

  1. You can share a Solar Energy Story about how you use solar energy, and include a mention of your site.

    li>List your business in our Solar Energy Resources directory. If you'd like us to create a live, clickable link, there is a one time charge for this.

  2. We often get detailed, specific questions about solar energy and are looking for a solar energy professional who can answer questions at our site. This is free advertising for you, as the answers are permanently archived on our site and found by search engines. You would receive a live link to your site on the page where your answers are listed.

Paid Advertising

We also have site wide paid advertising opportunities in the form of a graphic ad that would display in the top right hand corner of each page of our site. Please contact us using the comments form below for our current ad rates.

I hope these can be helpful to you in promoting your business!

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