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Ultimately, most solar power is affordable solar energy, because sunshine is free! The expense comes in the installation of your home solar power system, which be quite overwhelming if you are not familiar with all the different options available.

How do you keep the cost of solar power low to so you can create the most affordable solar power system?

The most important thing is to educate yourself about all the options...

I've created a new Affordable Solar Energy Resource Library that is chock full of some of the most useful free information I have discovered from my research into solar energy.

Even though home solar power systems can be expensive, there are new solar technologies being developed constantly, and some recent advances have drastically reduced the production costs for solar cells and solar panels.

Access Our Free eBooks and Library of Affordable Solar Power Resources

The Affordable Solar Energy Resource Library contains eBooks, solar power grant resources, and "do it yourself" or diy solar energy manuals that will help you take the first steps to creating your own home solar power system.

You'll find detailed instruction manuals as well as beginner's guides, and everything in between. I will be adding to this every month as we learn more about how to create affordable solar power.

It is my hope that one day everyone who wants to have solar energy at home WILL find a way to have it! This is a project that will take many of us, each doing our part. Starting with education is the first step!

Here are some additional details about what you'll get ...

Free Solar and Renewable Energy eBooks

You'll find the following eBooks in our collection:

  • Residential Solar Panel Basics
  • Passive Solar Water Heater Instruction Manual
  • Build a Homemade Wind Generator
  • Build Your Own Electric Car

Financing Your Home Solar Power System

You will find a number of helpful solar energy grant resources such as:

  • A free online resource to find solar power grants.
  • Free and low cost grant writing software.
  • Not eligible for grants? Additional options for financing home solar systems.

Tax Incentives and DIY Solar Power

You will find a growling list of cheap solar energy and diy solar information that I have personally researched:

  • Energy tax incentives for businesses.
  • A Free Solar Hot Air Do It Yourself Manual.
  • Where to meet and share information with other DIY solar power enthusiasts.

Get Free Access Now

This library is available for free! I wanted you to be able to benefit from my hours of research. My team and I are always on the lookout for more ways to creatively solar power your home.

Simply request access at the form below, and you'll be sent the link and also provided with optional monthly Affordable Solar Power updates which will share with you some of our most recent articles, discussions, discoveries, and renewable and solar energy resources. If you prefer to not be updated, you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

Your e-mail is absolutely safe. I only use it to send you our eBook LIbrary and Affordable Solar updates. Please see our full privacy policy for details.

I hope we can be of assistance to you in finding cheap solar energy resources so you can use solar power in your home!

Best wishes,

Affordable Solar Energy

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