Build Solar Panel

9 Simple Steps to Build Your Own Solar Power

It's simpler than you think to build solar panel on your own! These 9 steps to build your own solar power will help you to get started with DIY solar panels.

Building solar panels can be not only fun and educational, but a very worthwhile endeavor. You will be helping to preserve the environment as well as saving money on your electricity bill.

build solar panel

The sun produces energy that is abundant, clean, and renewable. Here is a look at the simple steps you can take to build your own solar power.

DIY Solar Panels - What You'll Need

First of all, you'll need the solar cells, plexiglass, and some plywood. Other materials needed include silicon, tin wire, rosin flux pen, volt meter, UV protector, and solder.

Step #1 - Cut Your Plywood to the Right Size

The very first thing you'll need to do is to cut down the plywood to the right size. It needs to be the size that allows your solar cells to cover all of it. Usually you'll want to put 80 solar cells on the panel, so make sure they'll fit on the plywood that you cut to size.

Step #2 - Protect the Plywood

The plywood needs to be protected. Take the UV protector and apply it to the plywood. You'll probably want to put on several coats of it for the best results.

Step #3 - Use Your Flux Pen

The next step if you are going to build solar panel is to make use of the flux pen. You'll want to take the flux pen and use it on every solder point on your solar cells. This will help to keep the wiring where it should be. If the solar cells are going to be connected, you must remember to do this step.

Step #4 - Connect the Solar Cells with Solder

Now it's time for you to connect the solar cells. You'll do this with solder. Just do one row of the cells at one time. After you have all the rows all connected, you'll want to use your tine wire to connect the rows you have soldered together.

Step #5 - Bind the Plywood and Cells Together

Take the silicon you have and use it to bind the plywood and solar cells together. Just be careful that you don't overuse the silicon.

Step #6 - Connect Your Wires

The wires you have hanging off the solar cells must go through the plywood to the back. You can do this by drilling holes for it to go through to the back.

Step #7 - Add a Border

When you build solar panel, you'll want to add a border next. This way the solar cells are framed in. Ensure that you use silicon for an adhesive to make sure water can't leak on the solar cells.

Step #8 - Cover with Plexiglass

Once you have the border in place, you can cover the solar cells with plexiglass. You can use silicon to help hold it on, but you'll want to reinforce this with some screws to make sure it holds together well.

Step #9 - Seal Up the Holes

The holes that are in the plywood for the wires need to be sealed up. This can be done with the silicon and you can use the silicon to seal any other gaps or holes there are in the panel you've created.

build a solar panel

As you can see, it's actually pretty simple to build solar panel on your own.

If you are a bit handy and know your way around some basic tools, it doesn't take a lot of time.

You only need a few things to get started that are usually quite easy to find.

Consider using these steps to build your own solar panels to enjoy the clean power that won't cost you a thing!

Build Solar Panel - Where to Find More Information

There are a number of detailed free instructional manuals on build your own solar power at our affordable solar energy library which you can access absolutely free! This also comes with several free eBooks with more detailed information on solar panels.

There are also a number of Do It Yourself Solar Power manuals available online. The advantage of online manuals is that they can be updated as new technologies are developed.

I've been looking into these and so far my favorite is Green DIY Solar which provides the most detailed instructions, as well as video training and ongoing, personalized support for your questions. It's nice to have some help when you get stuck!

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