Companies Doing Good - New Google Earth Engine

by Mashubi

It's always inspiring when companies make choices that will help the Earth towards a more positive direction. I feel a particular connection with this because of my spiritual connection to the Amazon rainforest. I've been there, and it's amazing. It's an incredible treasure! It is very sad to see it being constantly deforested.

Well, a few years ago scientists in Brazil asked for Google's help in monitoring the forests so that illegal deforestation and logging can be detected more easily. The result is a new tool called Google Earth which at the moment is still in the prototype stages, but will eventually provide some powerful help not only to prevent illegal logging, but also for many other applications such as monitoring other natural resources such as water supplies in order to detect potential water or food shortages in specific areas.

There is a detailed story about this over at the Solve Climate blog, see their Google's Earth Engine article.

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