Disadvantages of Wind Power

The disadvantages of wind power can seem daunting to those of us who are just beginning to research and learn about using wind as an alternative renewable energy source. Don't let these challenges stand in the way of considering wind as an alternative energy source!

It's true too that large energy companies face a few challenges as they attempt to incorporate wind power into their overall design for producing power for large numbers of people.

wind turbines to illustrate disadvantages of wind power

Let's take a look at some of the challenges associated with wind power.

  • Wind is not constantly blowing and the strength of the wind varies greatly. As a result, the amount of electricity generated isn't consistent and can't be counted on as a constant source of power.

  • Wind turbines are not aesthetically pleasing. Turbines require a lot of open acreage to operate efficiently. Some people feel that open landscapes should be left in pristine condition instead of "cluttering" it up with wind turbines. It's a matter of not seeing the value of wind power in exchange for disrupting the countryside.

  • Pollution is produced as a result of manufacturing wind turbines; so indirectly, wind power produces pollution. That seems rather ironic since wind power itself is a clean and renewable energy resource.

  • Noise pollution is another complaint in regards to wind turbines. Residents living in close proximity to wind farms are often disturbed by the noise produced by the turbines. The power produced is not enough of a benefit to outweigh the noise for most people.

  • The sheer number of wind turbines needed to produce enough power for homes across the country is staggering. Electricity produced by the single largest wind turbine available with today's technology powers merely 475 average size homes. How many wind turbines of that size, running consistently, would be required to provide electricity to a city with thousands of homes?

  • Wind power, as it is currently, needs to be combined with the local power grid or solar energy in order to be at all effective.

  • The cost of purchasing and installing wind turbines is prohibitive for most average homeowners and one of the biggest disadvantages of wind power.

  • Wind turbines can injure birds, causing harm to the ecological balance of those areas and the surrounding environment.

  • Television reception for those living near wind turbine farms is sketchy or non-existent at times.

  • Wind turbines need to reach high into the air in order to be effective. Geographic locations that experience frequent and strong thunderstorms are prone to lightning strikes on the turbines. The damage sustained to the turbines is costly and interrupts the power source.

  • Wind turbines can sometimes interfere with clear radar signals and therefore would not be able to be safely used near facilities that use radar.

  • The storage of excess energy produced via wind power is not viable yet for residential or commercial use, which means a lot of energy is being wasted. Wasted energy equals wasted money.

The disadvantages of wind power are many, but despite these challenges, wind power is still a viable power source for many reasons. Here are some of the advantages of wind power!

  • Wind power is clean and renewable.

  • The wind turbines require very little, if any, maintenance.

  • Wind power combined with hydropower or solar power can provide a more consistent and reliable source of energy for both commercial and residential applications.

Overall, wind power is a renewable and sustainable energy source that should not be overlooked, but rather fine-tuned and perfected to become more efficient.

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