Eco-Friendly Farming

by James Mckenzie
(Lancaster, PA)

Solar Powered Fence Chargers

Solar Powered Fence Chargers

With global warming and climate change becoming an increasingly bigger concern, everyone needs to pull together to do their bit to reduce their carbon footprint.

There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint both in the home and in the office environment. Farmers can also take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and to practice eco-friendly farming methods wherever possible.

Organic Farming

The first step in eco-friendly farming is to make the transition towards organic farming methods. By applying organic methods that work in tune with nature, rather than methods that work against nature, farmers will not only run an eco-friendly operation, they will ultimately also be more productive.

There are many ways that farmer can achieve this, and they are all based on harnessing the power of nature to help them achieve their desired goal.

Green Fertilizers

While commercial fertilizers achieve their goals of adding phosphates and nitrates to soils, they also contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment and also to human health.

Eco-friendly methods of soil enhancement include:

Composting soils – using decomposed organic matter and well composted animal manure to add nitrates and phosphates to soils

Green manure – using nitrogen fixing plants – usually ground cover – to return nutrients to soils

Crop rotation – planting crops into soils that have been replenished with nitrogen fixing plants (green manure) prior to planting

Intercropping – planting rows of mixed crops, rather than extensive fields of mono-crops

Natural Pest Control

By replacing toxic chemical pesticides with non-toxic natural methods to control pests – including weeds, insects, nematodes, fungi, etc. – farmers can work in harmony with nature to produce higher rewards.

Organic methods of weed control include planting weed suppressing ground cover, mulching, tilling, enhancing organic content of soil to promote activity of soil microorganisms that naturally suppress weeds, crop
rotation, and use of natural herbicides, such as vinegar.

Selective grazers, such as geese and ducks are also effective at eradicating weeds. Organic farmers rely largely on crop rotation and companion planting as standard methods to control insects, nematodes, and fungi, but biological pest control – the use of beneficial species that eat pests, e.g. ladybugs – is also an effective method of controlling pests.

Green Energy

One of the best ways to reduce one's carbon footprint is to turn to alternative sources of green energy. For the eco-friendly farmer, solar power offers a convenient green alternative that will allow the farmer to operate off-grid and be completely self-sufficient.

Solar power is easy to implement, readily available, and once installed, it will provide a free source of unlimited power. Solar panels can be installed to provide the farms electricity, while a solar water heater will provide the homestead with hot water heated by energy from the sun – all for free.

Solar Fencing can also be used to replace standard electrical fencing to contain livestock or horses. Solar-powered electric fencing energizers keep you electric fence powered up without having to be recharged or plugged into a power outlet.

Solar fencing is not only a green fencing alternative, it also offers a convenient solution for providing power to electric fences in remote areas, or to electric fences that are situated far away from an electric power point.

Solar fencing chargers are portable, making them a handy solution to power fences used for strip grazing or rotational grazing.

Nature provides everything we need – and the answers to common problems too. We just need to start working in harmony with nature, rather than fighting nature all the way. Take the step towards a greener future by implementing some of these eco-friendly farming practices now.

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