Facts about Solar Energy

Eleven Reasons to Choose Solar Energy for Homes

With fossil fuels running out, the facts about solar energy are convincing more and more people to take that first step toward alternative energy choices.

facts about solar energy

Here are 15 surprising solar power facts that may help you make the same decision!

The Sun is an Amazing Source of Energy!

Every time I learn more about solar energy I am more inspired and excited about the possibilities. Let's all learn more and do our best in our daily lives to use this abundant, clean and natural energy source!

  1. This is one of my favorite facts about solar energy. Did you know that our beautiful Earth receives more energy from the sun in a single hour than the entire population can use in a year? Wow!!!!!!

  2. Home solar energy systems have six parts. These parts are the solar panels, inverter, battery, charge controller, wiring and supportive structure.

    The panels collect the energy. Inverters transform the energy into a useable form. Batteries are there to collect extra energy that is not immediately used and the charge controller ensures one battery is never overcharged by moving energy to another battery when the first is full.

  3. A one-kilowatt home solar system will generate about 1,600 kilowatts of power per year. The unit is made up of 10 solar panels and can take up to 100 square feet for installation.

  4. The one-kilowatt home system can produce enough energy to prevent the burning of more than 150 pounds of coal for fuel. CO2 release is reduced by 300 pounds and 105 gallons of water is saved - EVERY MONTH!

  5. Each solar panel is comprised of about 40 individual solar cells. These cells are mounted on one board. The one-kilowatt home solar system will require about 10 of these boards, which is equivalent to 400 solar cells.

  6. Battery backups can be used to supplement electric use on days when the sun is not shining. For instance, the energy that is collected when no one is home can then is used to power the house during a day of rain. The energy is not lost, just stored and used later. The more batteries on the system, the more energy stored.

  7. Extra energy can also be fed back into the local electrical grid for credits. This means collecting credit money from the electric company that can be used to supplement the solar system for free when cloud cover or other weather conditions that inhibit solar energy collection drain battery stores.

  8. Solar panels do not have to stand out on the roof in plain sight. The units come in a variety of colors that can be chosen based on the color of the roof. Some homeowners are so proud of their systems that they choose a brighter color so the unit will stand out! The color of the solar panel does not affect the performance.

  9. In some cases, local and federal governments will provide tax credits to homeowners who install a solar system. The tax credits can greatly reduce the initial cost of the solar energy panels and reduce the time needed to see a return on investment.

  10. Solar panels are often warranted for up to 25 years. The total life of the panels can extend as far as 50 years.

  11. Solar lighting systems can collect sunlight and transfer that energy via fiber optic cable to light an entire home.

  12. You can use solar energy to heat or cool your home, operate attic fans, heat your water, keep your food cold, cook your food, and even heat your swimming pool! The uses for solar energy are practically endless and the uses discovered for using this amazing energy source will only continue to increase as research is conducted every day.

  13. Even on partly sunny days, your solar home system can be gathering energy to provide power for your appliances.

  14. As of 2007, there were at least 10,000 homes using solar energy to power their homes. Imagine how many more there might be now!

  15. Adding solar to your home may very well increase the value of your home, especially as there are more developments in this area of renewable energy. Your home's system could mean the difference between selling it as opposed to seeing it sit on the market.

The true facts about solar energy are enough to make anyone want to run out and buy a solar panel system! Are you excited about the prospect now?

Consumers must remember it may take years to recoup the cost of a solar home system, but the effect on electrical and heating bills will immediately be realized and appreciated. If the units are installed professionally, nearly half of the cost can be regained through federal support programs.

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