Green Business Opportunities

Exciting green business opportunities are around every corner, especially in today's market where people are leaning more and more toward green products and services. Why not take advantage of this amazing and environmentally friendly trend to make a living?

Did you know that over 60 million Americans are interested in products that are sustainable, organic, and healthier than traditionally offered products? They're also extremely interested in getting back to the basics or making good use of new renewable energy sources that have entered the market in the few years.

That sounds like a wide open market, doesn't it? Small business owners or anyone aspiring to become a small business owner could definitely benefit from this green trend! Why not solve a problem for the environment, serve consumers, and make a living too?

What Green Business Opportunities Are Available?

You must think out side the box when you're trying to come up with ideas about how to make a service or product that is currently available greener or completely green. Every market, whether it's food, clothing, fuel, plants, Internet, solar, wind, finance, furniture, or restaurants, every single one can benefit from making changes toward a more environmentally friendly product or service.

The following is a list of just some of the potential green business opportunities that are ready and waiting for anyone willing to jump in with both feet and work at it!

  • Restaurants - vegan or vegetarian restaurant, a restaurant offering free-range, organic foods, organic smoothie café, organic coffee café, pizzeria that uses all organic and locally grown ingredients, food cooperative, farmer's market that sells locally grown and harvested food

  • Personal Service Opportunities - delivery services of organic products or food items, diet planning to include organic foods, personal fitness trainer, teacher or instructor of safe and sustainable cooking methods, food storage, and food preparation

  • Organic Catering Business

  • Bed & Breakfast - offer furniture that was built from sustainable wood, organic breakfast choices, and organic linens

  • Cleaning Services - utilize green or organic cleaning supplies to clean residential or commercial locations

  • Consignment or Second-Hand Stores - give people the option of purchasing clothing, toys, books, furniture, and household items second-hand with the purpose of giving them new life at a fraction of the cost it would be at a retail store

  • Internet - green blog, green website - for the purpose of educating the public about the latest and greatest in the green movement and sharing with them how they can benefit from the newest green technologies

  • Organic Farming

  • Landscaping - utilizing organic fertilizers, seed, and plants and incorporating green design

  • Recycling business

  • Architecture - designing buildings with solar, wind, and geothermal energy in mind

  • Composting - producing it and selling it and even teaching others how to do it themselves

  • Bike Shop - promoting the use of bicycles for transportation over gas-guzzling vehicles

  • Financial Planner, Investor, or Loan Officer - promoting of course green ventures

  • Spa Owner - organic products and holistic techniques for reducing stress and encouraging better health

  • Plant Nursery - stock plants that are locally grown via organic farming and gardening techniques

  • Car Pooling Service

  • Sales Representative - for organic and green products or services

  • Trainer - train others to enter the green market successfully

This is only a sampling of what is available when it comes to exploring possible green business opportunities!

Is The Green Movement Here to Stay?

Yes! The push toward a more environmentally friendly marketplace, sustainable products, and renewable energy sources is here to stay. What does that mean for you?

You can be a green entrepreneur taking advantage of the green business opportunities out there! Do some research to see what niches might be available in the market. Follow your interests; see what others might be doing, and then figure out how to put your own spin on it. There is your opportunity!

The trends may change, veer off their current path, or stay the same, but either way green products or services are in demand now and will continue to be in demand in the future.

People are becoming more aware of how their choices affect the earth and their health. As a result, they're striving to make better and healthier choices. Your market is available, you just have to figure out how to meet a need or want and you'll be set.

Examples of Thinking Outside the Box - Be a Green Entrepreneur

  • Can you come up with a way to re-use an item typically tossed into the garbage?

  • Do you have acreage? Consider planting sustainable orchards, trees, or crops. Raise organic beef or pork or free-range chickens for meat.

  • Grow sustainable eco-friendly biofuels - agave, algae, switchgrass, chestnut trees, hazelnut trees, or other grass species good for turning into biofuel

  • Green website - coordinate with green businesses to advertise and sell their green products or services

  • Talk to your local government - what are they doing to go green in your community? Can you find a way to help them does that?

  • Are you a carpenter? Build custom-made furniture from sustainable and recycled wood and other materials.

  • Like to sew? Reusable grocery and produce bags are very popular right now. Create your own design and make them from quality materials and you're very likely to have a lucrative customer base.

Talk to friends and family and brainstorm about what you could do together to start a green business. You may be surprised at what you come up with and could possibly discover just the right niche that you hadn't realized existed.

The key to discovering and capitalizing on new and exciting green business opportunities is to see what is out there and make it better or expand on the idea in a different direction. There's a lot of business out there - take advantage of it and do something great for the environment at the same time!

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