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New green energy jobs are being created as the momentum towards using renewable energy sources continues to accelerate.

The world as a whole is looking towards solar, wind, and other sustainable and renewable energy sources to power the growing need for residential and commercial energy systems.

A whole new generation of bright, creative and resourceful young people are maturing into their professional capacities now, and many new scientific and technological advances are being made on a daily basis to help the world find new solutions.

These are some of the new green industry jobs that will become available as renewable and solar energy becomes more widely used!

  • Smart Grid Engineer - this job requires a qualified and trained individual to monitor the electric power infrastructure, the proper delivery of the system's power, and to troubleshoot and fix any problems that arise with the solar power grid. An Engineering degree is required for this type of green energy career, along with several other important criteria.

  • Energy Commission Specialist - this person would be responsible for assessing power needs, working directly with the public, and are involved in making decisions about using more renewable energy sources. They'll help to determine the best locations for equipment like solar generators and the like.

  • Refrigeration Engineer - a person who is considered a specialist in the area of not only commercial and residential usage of renewable resources, but would also serve areas in the pharmaceutical, marine, and petrochemical industries, to name a few.

  • Hydrogen Plant Operator or Manager - oversees the liquefaction and purification of hydrogen and oxygen in order for it to be converted into usable fuel. Hydrogen is a renewable energy source exhibiting possibilities for use in vehicles, so that it why this position is considered one of the many up and coming green energy jobs.

  • Landfill Gas Plant Operator - this person would work directly with the landfill to ensure that the methane gasses coming off the landfill are extracted and treated properly. Processes to convert methane gas into a renewable energy source are being researched and hailed as yet another possible available renewable resource.

  • Energy Engineer - troubleshoots the problems that arise from using current fossil fuel energy resources and trying to find ways of utilizing eco-friendly energy resources instead. A person with a background of mechanical and electrical engineering would fit into this green job very well.

  • Thermal Engineer - the simplest explanation for this job is to say that you would work with the process of converting heat energy into other energy sources such as mechanical, electrical and chemical energy.

  • Energy Auditor - helps people make their homes more energy efficient by conducting an audit of their home's energy requirements and usage. It's considered a green job because ultimately, an Energy Auditor will enable homeowners to use fewer fossil fuels and in turn, help the environment.

  • Green IT Professional - loves working with computers. This person would consult with large companies to determine their current computer usage and then work with them to find ways of lessening the amount of power their computer system required to work efficiently.

There are great opportunities in green energy jobs of today and for the future. As the world works toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living and doing business, there will be a need for professionals that know these systems and can make them work more efficiently. Green energy jobs are the future!

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