Where Can I Find Green Homes for Sale?

The housing marketing is rebounding and people want to find green homes for sale this time around. The days of excess and living outside our means are far gone. The current trend is saving money and saving the Earth in the process!

What exactly is a green home?! It's most certainly not referring to the color of your walls!! :-) The truth is, there is some confusion about which homes are green and which simply have Energy Star appliances in hopes of being considered green.

What is a Truly Eco-Friendly Home?

Before setting out to find green homes, it is important to understand what you are looking for. Terminology used in a green home listing will differ from traditional listing.

For instance, a traditional home will often list Energy Star appliances as the main “green” attraction. Truly eco-friendly homes will talk about being “off-grid” or “on-grid”.

This refers to the energy used to power the appliances, heating and cooling systems in the home. Off-grid homes use no power supplied by local utility companies. Alternative energy is collected and reused in the home. Many of these homes will offer on-grid alternatives if the buyer wants to pay utility bills.

Understanding Green Home Sale Vocabulary

Other terms that may come into play when searching green homes for sale include passive cooling, photovoltaic, solar power, well water, propane, rain water collection and septic system.

On the flip side of the eco-friendly coin, some homes will market themselves as green homes and not really qualify for the category.

Homes that include large amounts of square footage, huge cleared lots, central heating and air conditioning and lavish upgrades that are rated “efficient” are not truly green homes.

Many online listings will refer to the Federal guidelines in the United States as a measurement for the eco-friendly quality of the home.

These guidelines are more aimed toward energy efficiency than truly green options. Reducing the amount of energy a home uses on a yearly basis is enough to earn a green seal of approval, but that is not the complete definition of green.

Tips for Finding Sustainable Homes for Sale

Green homes are often listed with the common local real estate listings, but there are other ways you can find them.

The Internet is the best source of listings for your eco home search. Listings can include homes in the United States, Fiji, Canada, Nova Scotia, Ireland, Nicaragua and more.

Many of these homes are listed as solar homes, rammed earth, strawable homes, adobe homes, natural homes or healthy homes.

Green homes are available all over the world and finding one is not as difficult as one may think. The most trouble is often found when trying to learn how a green home works and what makes it a home that offers less interference with the natural processes of the Earth.

For people who want to live without impacting the earth to a great extent, finding green homes for sale is often a dream home mission.

The most common places to offer these green homes are those with natural settings that have yet to be developed. Rural communities in Denver, Nevada, Arizona (in the United States) have plenty of undeveloped land just minutes from the city center and this is where you will find the most spectacular green homes.

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