Green Modular Homes

Why Building a Green Home is
Great for the Earth AND Your Budget!

Green modular homes are the up and coming method of economical and environmentally friendly home construction. How does building a green home differ from other kinds of modular homes?

There are similarities between the two types of modular construction, but the “green version” isn’t as hard on the environment or your budget.

Green Homes Are
Environmentally Friendly

A green modular home and a modular home are not necessarily different in concept, but the green version of a modular home is very different than the traditional counterpart in many ways. Green prefab homes are environmentally friendly for several reasons.

  • Less construction waste prefabricated pieces for modular homes produce less waste because the construction company purchases precut lumber. Precise quantities can be purchased since they know the dimensions required to build each modular home design.

  • Built tighter less energy is lost in the construction of a green modular home than a home that is constructed on site. Also, there is less risk of mold and air quality issues since the modular home is built in a controlled environment.

  • Specialists because the green construction companies are hiring workers with more knowledge about not only building homes, but environmental factors as well, these specialists help prevent potential problems before they occur (saves $$ too).

  • High quality construction if your home is built to last, you’ll naturally save more money over the longevity of your home.

  • Leftovers are recycled - Any leftover materials (wood, paint, wiring, plumbing, insulation, or drywall) can be either re-purposed recycled instead of sent to the local landfill. The indoor construction site provides protection for building materials as well, which means there is no chance of the materials being damaged (which means $$ lost).

  • Lower energy costs built with high quality sustainable materials (containing no VOC’s), a tighter construction design, less square footage, and energy efficient appliances and heating and cooling systems, the homeowner saves significantly on energy costs.

  • Less impact at the site the homes are constructed indoors and then trucked to the site directly where the construction company works with the land as much as possible so the surrounding site is not disturbed unnecessarily.

Construction companies also use the lay of the land and the available resources at the building site to benefit the homeowner. For example, by positioning the modular home to take advantage of passive heating and cooling, energy costs for the home will be reduced.

Other ideas for using the climate and location to full advantage might include roof overhangs, colored roofs, reflective roofs, or sizing the windows to take advantage of the full sun during the day.

How To Locate a
Green Modular Home Builder

If you're interested in building a green home, most people will look to the manufacturer of a specific home design before they’ll look for a builder.

If you are looking for a construction company who builds homes in the “green” fashion, start by contacting the manufacturer of the home design in which you’re interested.

Most often, the house plans manufacturer will be able to refer you to a builder in your local area who specializes in green building practices. Always get references from others who have used the builder for constructing their green modular house.

Green modular houses are stylish, inexpensive, and very comfortable. Don’t let the initial size of a green prefab home be discouraging to you. The floor plans are often open and generously sized, so even though you may not have a ton of square footage, the home will feel very open and large.

Green buildings are quickly becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury or status symbol. As our non-renewable resources dwindle and the environment becomes depleted of natural resources, green modular homes may very well become the norm rather than the odd house out.

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