What is a Home Solar Panel and Why is It Important?

A home solar panel is one of the most important components of your solar energy system. There are many different types including thin film solar panels, diy solar panels and 12 volt solar power panels.

home solar panel

Solar panels can be large or small, and you don't need to own your own home to use them!

Your home solar energy system takes the free energy from the sun and transforms it into energy, which powers the different systems in your home, and helps you to save money because you don't need to pay the electric company.

As solar energy technology improves and newer materials are used to create solar panels, this makes solar energy more affordable for us all!

We get a lot of requests for information on solar panels, so we have plenty of information here for you and also some eBooks on solar panels so you can earn what you need to know to make using solar energy a reality in your home.

These are just a few articles on our site that discuss different types of solar panels in more detail.

What are Solar Panels?

This is a quick overview about solar panels and how they work, and some of the many ways they are used.

Solar Power Kits

This is a very popular area of our site for people who are learning more about DIY solar power. A good quality solar kit will contain instructions and components needed for you to build your own solar power system.

Resources for DIY Solar Panels

Learn more about how to "do it yourself" and create your own solar panels, and some helpful resources with step by step instructions, and also links to information on how to build your own solar cells.

Build Your Own Solar Panel

This section of our site is devoted to building your own home solar panel, and contains information about different solar components and also the challenges involved in building your own.

Three Residential Solar Panel Options

Here are three home solar panel choices that many homeowners look at when planning for a home solar energy system.

Saving Money with Solar Energy Panels

Will the energy savings be worth the installation costs of having your own home solar panel system? Learn more about the questions to ask before making the choice to install your own solar panel system.

12 Volt Solar Power Panels

Many small portable solar devices use these 12 volt solar panels, which tend to be smaller than most standard home solar panel options. These can be another simple and affordable way to get started with solar energy.

Thin Film Solar Panels

Today's new wave of solar panel inventions include thin film solar panels which can dramatically lower the cost of your solar power, however there are some drawbacks to this new technology as well.

Introduction to Solar Cells

Here are some of the basic components of your home solar panel, and a little about the history of the solar cell.

Solar Power Inverter

Your solar panel will need some help to convert electricity into a usable form, and so a good home solar energy system includes a solar inverter. Learn more about the importance of solar inverters and how to chooce a good one.

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