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Save on Installation Costs with DIY Solar Energy

Exciting solar technology is making the home solar power kit more affordable and more attainable for many homeowners, and using DIY solar energy can now savethousands on your installations costs. Discover the new technology that is making these saving possible!

Anyone who wants to get started using solar energy to power their home may want to seriously consider the new solar kits on the market today that are specifically designed for residential use. You can start small and work your way up as your budget allows.

Micro Inverters Make the Difference

Micro inverters are an amazing new technology that enables homeowners to install a small solar kit onto their home for roughly $1,000 to $1,500 and begin enjoying the benefits of solar power very quickly. The inverter itself costs around $200. It's designed to power one solar panel that will generate 200-watts or more of power.

A micro inverter is attached to each panel, which means you won't have to worry about sun shading one panel and inhibiting the output of the neighboring panel. Each micro inverter ensures that panels receiving direct sunlight will produce energy.

The technology has gone high tech too. Each micro inverter is connected to the Internet so you can see at a glance how much power each panel is producing for you!

What does this new technology mean for homeowners? It translates into savings of thousands of dollars to install a solar power system into your home! Previously, before the invention of micro inverters, the cost of a solar kit averaged about $8,000. Of course, installation was usually additional and depending on the number of solar panels you added, the cost for a system could have cost you $25,000 to $40,000.

Benefits of a Home Solar Power Kit

  • Significantly more affordable than previous kits

  • Homeowners can go green more quickly

  • Build your solar panel system as your budget allows

  • Tax incentives and rebates available to homeowners who opt for solar

  • Can fit solar panels into tighter locations

  • You customize your system - as large or as small as you desire

  • Reduces the chance of going into significant debt to afford solar power

  • Digital readout capability via the Internet

Potential Drawbacks of a Home Solar Kit

  • Professional electrician will need to be hired to approve connections following installation

  • Inverters could interfere with radio reception

  • Cloudy days inhibit solar power

  • Highly polluted areas aren't the best for generating solar power

What Types of Residential Solar Kits Are Available?

The Andalay system by Akeena Solar is a home solar kit featuring built-in wiring, the racks, and hardware required to install the panels onto the roof. The panels can be installed by the homeowner, which would save a significant amount of money. Certain Lowe's locations in the U.S. offer these panels at a price point of $890-$920 each.

Solar in a Box(tm) by Ready Solar is a self-contained, pre-assembled AC solar power kit for residential and small business use. This kit comes ready to install, reducing installation costs significantly. The Solar Clover or Snarvik by Armageddon Energy is yet another home solar power kit in a box that is easy to install onto your roof in a short amount of time. Each Solar Clover kit contains three silicon hexagon-shaped panels, a frame, and a micro inverter. Each kit generates 400-watts of power.

Clarian Technologies has created a solar home kit called Sunfish that comes in at a price point of about $800. It's a plug-in system that includes your choice of one or three solar panels, a power module, circuit monitor, and mounting hardware. The company claims you can be up and running within a day from start to finish.

Keep in mind...

Every home solar power kit is designed to help the homeowner save money on installation and costs associated with that process, but regardless of the system you purchase, it's a good idea to hire a professional electrician to ensure that everything is connected properly.

Non-traditional Affordable Ways to Get Solar Power

Consider purchasing used or damaged solar cells and panels on eBay, Craigslist, or other similar sites. You could create your own solar panels using the parts that are still good on the damaged panels.

How about signing up for solar panels on your wedding registry rather than the customary china pattern and crystal vases? It's an interesting and fun way to go green without having to spend the full amount to do so!

Opt for a solar leasing program rather than spending the money to purchase a system yourself. The leasing company pays for the panel installation and they reap the benefits of any tax incentives or rebates. But, you get to enjoy a fixed rate that is significantly lower than the going electrical rates. The rate is usually locked in for the life of the system, which is roughly 20-25 years.

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