How to Be Green with Your
Education And Work

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day...


Teach him to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime!



How to be green with your education and work?

Learn to work from home!

Some lucky people have a job that will let you telecommute for some of the time. More and more companies are creating these options and that is great.

But maybe you'd like to be free to create something completely unique that is yours!

Do you have an idea to start a green business that will help others and the Earth?

Sure, you can put a free website up overnight. But will it "feed" you for a lifetime?

No. It won't unless you first learn:

  • How to build a lifelong business rather than a website.
  • How to discover exactly what people are looking for.
  • How much competition is there for your idea.
  • Whether your business idea will be profitable.

I'm not a tech saavy or even business saavy person, but I was lucky enough to stumble upon one simple tool that has helped me to build a full time income from my home.

I'm a healer and teacher by profession, and so did not go to business school. When I suddenly was disabled and could not see clients, I needed to find another way to earn a living.

It took a while, but I discovered

  • How to create a long term business doing what I love most.
  • How to create a better world AND earn income from my business without high pressure sales.
  • How to build a business that will bring eager customers to my doorstep WITHOUT advertising.
  • How to earn income even if I don't have a product.
  • How to earn income even when I am not working!

Living Green By Doing What YOU Do Best

You can learn how to be green with your education and work by saving gas and working at home. You can learn a skill that will feed you and your family for the long term.

Even better, you can spend your day doing what you do best, whatever that is!

We all have a unique skill, talent, interest or passion. Some of the most successful green business owners have turned their passion into a thriving and profitable livelihood.

You can start a green business that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, that doesn't require you to sell products to your friends and family, that doesn't require you to recruit others or buy boatloads of products in order to be paid.

My Green Business Secret

I'm not at all interested in sales or business. That made it really hard for me to succeed in business!

I wanted a business that would keep going for me no matter where I am living or traveling, and that would generate income even if I wasn't able to work for a while. I wanted to start a green business that would uplift other people and contribute to making a positive difference in the world.

I tried almost everything including direct sales and franchise businesses.

After years of trying and failing, I discovered that the ONLY method that worked for me was to do something unique with my own talents and skills.

I really am not technically inclined, and I didn't have the money to hire expensive website designers and business consultants.

I am extremely fortunate to have discovered one of the most brilliant and affordable tools ever created to start a green business.

What I soon discovered was that even with few technical skills or business knowledge, that I was able to begin earning income from home honestly, in a way that was totally in sync with my values and my desire to help others!

Now don't get me wrong, it didn't happen overnight!! It was a learning process, and it took me a while. Back in those days, which was 2001, we were all pioneers. I learned the hard way through experience, with just me and the instruction manual!! :-)

Now, things have changed. I am just one of many hundreds of thousands of people who have successfully started their own green business from home, doing what they love to do!

I am humbled and grateful to be earning more with my business than I did in my previous jobs. Some of my successful colleagues have even been able to retire!

Go Green and Set Yourself Free

It's difficult to make a positive difference in the world when you don't have enough money or enough time to do the things your heart is calling you to. Just see what some of my colleagues have been able to do! Read their stories here.

Even better, you don't have to go it alone. There's even a whole community of support from successful, professional web business owners, and a training process which gives you a solid education in how to properly build a real web business from the ground up.

You will gain the knowledge to build a solid, successful internet business, AND skills that will last you a lifetime. I've been doing this since 2001 through recessions, job changes, family crises, several relocations, and major changes on the internet. My business has continued to grow!

You do not need to know HTML or fancy web design skills. You will be given all the tools you need to bring your business to life.

Best of all, you'll be shown how to be green by working at home, in a way that is fun and that fits with YOUR unique talents, skills and passions.

How to Be Green in Your Work

Working at home is one of the best things I've ever done, as it's freed me up to be able to help others and to help help support our family, all from my own home, on my own schedule.

Our beautiful earth's future depends on each of us dedicating our unique talents and gifts towards making the world a better place, each in our own way. I encourage you to find out more about how you can help others AND help yourself!

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