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The Inspired Solar Directory highlights those organizations and individuals that are using solar energy and other clean, renewable energy soources to help others and to make the world a better place.

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If you know of an individual or organization who is using solar energy for charitable purposes, to help people who would otherwise not have access to solar power, please add them to our directory! We will provide a free link to in order to share the good news about the wonderful work that is being done.

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Do You Know of an Inspiring Use of Solar Energy?

We would like to highlight those individuals and organizations who are doing great work using solar energy to help others and to make the world a better place. No project is too small if it helps others and helps the environment. Please share!

Inspired Solar Directory

Click below to see some inspiring projects being done around the world with solar energy ...

Electricity Produced by Kicking a Soccer Ball  Not rated yet
Who knew that a soccer ball could be outfitted as a portable device capable of generating enough energy to produce electricity, charge a cell phone, or …

The Fridge Lady – Emily Cummins Not rated yet
She has lovingly been dubbed “The Fridge Lady” by the people of Namibia, Africa because she was the one who brought them a solar refrigerator that works …

An Innovative Community Based Solar Project Not rated yet
This innovative community based solar energy project was developed in Maryland by a committed and persistent group of citizens who came together to create …

Solar For All Initiative Not rated yet
The Solar for All Initiative is doing some wonderful work to advance the cause of making solar energy affordable for all the world's people. Based …

Solar Aid - Power to the People Not rated yet
Solar Aid is an organization based in London that is funded by both corporate donations as well as charitable foundations and trusts. Their purpose …

The Solar Electric Light Fund Not rated yet
The Solar Electric Light Fund is an inspiring, non-profit organization based in Washington DC, USA, which is working to provide wireless communication …

The Solar Healing Center Not rated yet
This site caught my attention, about a unique use of solar energy for healing! The purpose of the Solar Healing Center is to help humanity to understand …

Energy in Common  Not rated yet
Energy in Common is a community which offers energy loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. All projects that are funded by EIC help the environment …

Barefoot Power - Lighting Homes in Developing Countries Not rated yet
Barefoot Power designs and manufactures affordable LED lighting options so that people in developing countries can have access to safe lighting without …

Solar Suitcases Save Lives Not rated yet
When I first heard about the solar suitcase I thought it was just another really inventive new solar gadget! Then when I heard the story of how solar …

Solar Cookers International Not rated yet
Solar Cookers International was founded in 1987 and has been teaching people from sunny locations all over the world to cook with solar ovens. This is …

Solar Goodwill Not rated yet
Solar Goodwill is operated by Brian Clark of Colorado who travels to remote locations, villages and reservations to teach people how to build and maintain …

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