Using a Liquid Solar Blanket

Does a Pool Solar Blanket Really Work?

A liquid solar blanket creates an invisible layer of protection on the surface of the pool water in order to hold in the heat gathered by the sun. Some people prefer this method of saving on their pool heating costs, because you don't need to use a heavy solar pool cover.

A pool solar blanket can also be known as a solar fish as the liquid is dispensed through a container that looks like a fish!

This type of liquid solar pool covering can also be known as a solar pill, or even a solar ball, as some types are dispensed through a pill or ball that is simply placed in the pool.

Pool owners know and understand the value of having a cover over the pool, but many are frustrated with the bulkiness of an actual solar pool cover. Solar liquid blankets are designed to retard water evaporation and to enhance the temperature of the pool water, up to 4-6 degrees warmer.

Pool solar blankets come in the form of a solar pill or a dispenser shaped like a tropical fish. They are very similar aside from appearance. Both contain ingredients that are dispensed into the water over about 30 days. These ingredients are chemically formulated to come together as soon as the water is calm.

A liquid solar blanket works best in still water, in climates that are not windy so that the thin layer that protects against heat loss will stay intact on the surface of the water. Windy conditions, or a lot of high activity in the pool will disperse the liquid blanket.

What Are the Active Ingredients in a Solar Liquid Blanket?

Liquid solar blankets contain non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients that are lighter than water so the product can float to the surface. The combination of ingredients is called Heatsavr(tm).

It is said to be harmless to the skin, easy on the pool filter and vinyl liners, and will not alter the chemical pH of the pool water. The makers of Heatsavr(tm) claim that the patented ingredients are safe and will biodegrade into byproducts that are considered harmless.

How Safe are the Ingredients in a Solar Pool Blanket?

The main ingredient in Heatsavr (tm) is isopropyl alcohol, which can cause skin eye and lung irritation in higher doses, however this is much less toxic than the chlorine which is used in most pools regularly.

The other ingredients that make up the solar blanket are used to disperse the alcohol across the water, and may be calcium hydroxide which is a non-hazardious Ph adjuster

There is more information about Heatsavr Safety and also through the Materials and Data Sheet.

How Effective Is a Solar Liquid Blanket?

Reviews from pool owners who have used these products are mixed. Some reviews say the liquid covers are ideal for keeping the water warmer than it would be without a cover.

Others say that the water temperature didn't change at all and that the liquid versions were rather expensive each month. The percentage of satisfied customers was probably a bit higher than those who were unhappy with the product.

Cost of Solar Liquid Blankets

The cost of these products will vary depending on the size pool you want to cover. Expect to pay between $10 and $17 per month for the fish style solar blanket. The solar pills range from $10 to $20; again, the cost depends on the size of your pool.

Are Solar Liquid Blankets Environmentally Friendly?

According to the materials data sheets about Heatsavr (tm), the ingredients in a solar liquid biodegrade within a month.

They save water and therefore additional money, and can prevent unused plastic solar pool covers from ending up in a landfill.

Solar Liquid Blanket vs. Traditional Solar Blanket

There are advantages and disadvantages to using liquid blankets to collect solar energy as opposed to investing in a physical solar blanket for your pool. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of a Liquid Solar Blanket

  • Easy to use

  • Works with a pool heater or without one

  • Safe for pools of all types, sizes

  • Excellent choice for those with physical limitations who cannot lift a solar pool cover

  • Convenient for those who use their swimming pool several times a day, as there is no need to take off and put on the pool's solar cover

Drawbacks a Solar Liquid Blanket

  • Unable to use in conjunction with chlorine

  • Must keep on a schedule of adding a new one each month

  • Won't work well in a windy geographic locations, as there is too much water disruption

  • It is not as effective in pools that have a lot of use

  • Not as effective as an actual physical solar blanket

  • Continuous outlay of money each month

The choice to use a liquid solar blanket comes down to a matter of preference. Your results in using a liquid solar blanket will vary depending on several factors such as:

  • The size of your pool

  • The climate in your area

  • How frequently you use your pool

  • The other chemicals used in your pool

  • How much benefit and heat savings you receive by using it

Some pool owners prefer the durability and appearance of a plastic solar cover, whereas others would rather not deal with it at all and would prefer the liquid version. Each type of solar pool blanket offers unique benefits and drawbacks that can be tailored to your individual needs.

Being able to relax and enjoy the summertime with your family in your backyard is a blessing, and using environmentally friendly will ensure that your children and their children will be able to continue to enjoy these simple pleasures!

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