Malibu Solar Lights to Illuminate
Your Garden

Malibu solar lights illuminate your yard, without the expensive wiring or high electricity costs of traditional outdoors lights. Instead, solar cells on the Malibu lights transform sunlight into electricity. Batteries store the power until it gets dark and then powers the light at night.

Affordable Solar Lighting

Solar-powered lights can be less expensive than regular garden lighting fixtures because sunshine, unlike electricity, is free. They also do not require wires that can cost a lot, especially for large properties. As a result, while the purchase price of the Malibu solar lights may be higher than conventional lights, the lower electricity bill makes up the difference in price.

Environmentally Friendly

These lights generate power from sunshine, rather than from fossil fuel-using power plants. They also need no wires, transformers, or other expensive equipment to power the lights. The lights themselves use energy-efficient LED technology to illuminate outdoors.

Easy to Install

Malibu lights are one of the easiest options for outdoor solar lighting according to many reviewers. They require no wires or external transformers and are weatherproof so that they can be used in places where wires would be dangerous, for instance by water. As long as the lights are placed in direct sunlight, they will work well.

Types of Lights

Intermatic, the company which manufactures Malibu solar lights, offers a wide variety of lights ranging from 4 watts to 50 watts so that you can get the right amount of light for your situation. This means that you do not need to get a blindingly bright light so that visitors can see the walkway to your house and are also not limited by lights that fail to illuminate your house.

Cost of Malibut Solar Lighting

Malibu lights are an excellent investment for many people. They are significantly less expensive than many solar lights but provide a solid, inexpensive light fixture. Since electricity is no longer required for the lights, they are even less expensive than the purchase price would indicate. Malibu lights are a great buy compared to other options.

Durability of Solar Powered Lights

One complaint about solar lighting is that the lights do not last very long. While they make a dent in the electric bill, cheap solar lights need to be replaced often and so the expense is even higher than with conventional outdoor lighting. Malibu lights do not have that problem.

While some lights are ineffective, most people enjoy Malibu lights that continue working for years. One review praised the sturdy construction of the lamps. Another person experienced more than 3 years of success using the lights during both summer and winter in the Northeast, one of the most challenging conditions due to the low temperatures and lack of sunlight. Malibu lights were able to survive those conditions and light many yards, which do not face the cold and dark of a New England winter.

Brightness of Malibu Lights

Reviews are mixed about the brightness and the light that Malibu solar lights cast. One reviewer praised the light as being "beautiful" and "terrific," stellar praise of the lights. Others remark that the lights do a good job and are "just fine" for illuminating walkways, even if they are not as powerful as some electric lights.

Other users, however, critique Malibu lights for illuminating things with a blue tint, common to many solar lights. This blue, though, is significantly less intense than with many comparable alternatives. In addition, the lights may be too weak for some people, though purchasing solar lights with higher wattage can solve that. Some Malibu lights try to solve that problem with adjustable power settings for different brightness levels.

Problems with Malibu Lights

While Malibu solar lights are very popular, some people have complaints about them, and especially their batteries. One person remarked that the lights could not stay on for the entire night, even after charging for a full day. This is a common problem for many people, though some resolve this issue by purchasing new batteries that can hold a full charge.

Another problem, common to most solar panels, is that they do not work well if they are not in the sun all or at least most of the day. Parts of a property that are covered by trees will not permit enough light in to charge the batteries. This is an unavoidable issue and people in that situation will not have much success with any type of solar lighting.

Malibu Solar Lighting is a Good Choice

If you are looking to light your yard at night, Malibu lights will work for you. They need to be in direct sunlight and may eventually require new batteries but in the long run these lights are far more environmentally friendly and less expensive than typical lights.

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