Pool Solar Heaters

Which Type of Solar Pool Heating is Best?

There are several different types of pool solar heaters which can help you maintain and even raise the temperature of your pool water without a huge electric bill. Which type of solar pool heating is best for your home?

Pool solar heaters can help you maintain and even raise the temperature of your pool water during the summer but also during the cooler month of spring and fall. You'll extend your swimming season and get to enjoy your investment much longer each year.

Pool heaters that utilize solar energy are across the board when it comes to complexity and cost. There are several on the market today that are available for residential use.

Types of Solar Pool Heaters

  • Glazed solar collector - excellent for cold weather climates, this type of pool heater is designed to capture more of the sun's energy than the unglazed systems. They're manufactured with an iron-tempered glass cover and copper tubing, making this system more costly than most on the market.

    Prepare to pay upwards of $4,000 for your system and installation. Keep in mind that a glazed collector can also function as a hot water heater for residential applications too.

  • Unglazed solar collector - ideal choice for using on pools that are used primarily in the warmer temperatures. This type of solar pool heater is created from heavy-duty rubber or plastic. They're less expensive to manufacture, so they are less expensive to purchase and install.

    If the cost of a glazed collector is daunting, consider an unglazed collector and then plan to drain the pool when it is not in use. The cost of a glazed collector is nearly 3-4 times as much as an unglazed, so if you're prepared to drain your pool each season, an unglazed might work well for you. The cost could be as little as a few thousand dollars.

  • AquaLivin' Solar Heater - perfect for aboveground pools in warmer climates. This solar pool heater pumps cool water from the pool through the array of tubes, which the sun is heating. The heated water is then deposited back into the pool, raising the temperature of the pool water by a few degrees. It has a dome to keep dirt and debris out of the system. Cost: $199-$210

  • Solar Domes - this style of pool heater encompasses the entire pool under a tailor-made dome created from an aluminum frame and heavy-duty vinyl. It must be erected at the beginning of the warm weather season and dismantled and stored during the cold winter months.

    There are openings via zippered panels so you can allow fresh air into the dome. Sun dome pool solar heaters keep the water warm and extend your swimming season somewhat, at least until the temperatures are dipping below freezing. Cost: $2,000.

  • SunHeater Solar Heating System - you'll receive a set of flat solar panels in your kit. You'll supply the PVC pipe, diverter, and a support system of your choosing.

    Be prepared to invest more into building a means of support for this system in addition to the $199 you'll pay for the panels and other supplies. This pool solar heater does increase your pool temperature by about 10 degrees, so the extra work may be worth it for some pool owners. Can be used for both aboveground and in-ground pools.

  • SmartPool Sun Heater - for use with above ground or in ground pools. It operates much in the same way as the SunHeater system, just under a different brand name.

Other Types of Pool Solar Heaters

You can also opt for less expensive options to heat your pool water. Solar rings, solar fish, solar pool covers, and liquid solar blankets are all excellent options for turning up the temperature of your pool water.

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