Portable Solar Power System

A portable solar power system is very fragile, and can be more expensive, so why do people use them? How do you avoid the common mistakes people make when using a portable solar panel?

portable solar power system

If you are RVing, or traveling with your computer, using portable solar power could save you a lot of time and money if you choose the right solar panels. These are some of the basics of using portable solar cells.

The Basics of Portable Solar Power

First of all, solar cells can break easily if you fold or crease them. Make sure to keep them straight and don't store them around sharp objects. These need to be treated and handled very gingerly to keep them intact.

A portable system cannot recharge regular batteries. The only type of batteries that can be recharged are "rechargeable batteries."

This needs to be said because there are people who will try to recharge a regular battery. You will find out very fast that this simply doesn't work.

A non-rechargeable battery needs to be thrown out properly because once the energy is used up it's gone forever.

A rechargeable battery has many hours of life and can be recharged successfully over and over again!

Maintaining Battery Life Using Solar Power

How often do you use your boat, camper, RV, tractor, or antique car? Most of the time, these are things that we use periodically instead of every day, so it's very possible that the battery could lose power over time. Solar power can give you peace of mind as well as a fully charged battery if you know how to hook up your battery to solar panels.

Charging a battery with a solar energy system is called trickle charging. You need to put your portable solar panel in full sun light and plug it into either a cigarette lighter socket or attach the set of clips directly to your vehicle battery.

Trickle chargers are especially helpful in colder climates where the temperatures stay below freezing and your vehicle is not parked in a garage. They're also helpful for charging the batteries of your RV, tractor, or boat that you're not using on a daily basis, regardless of the weather.

What Types of Batteries Can You Charge with a Portable Solar Power System?

  • Rv or camper
  • Boat or boat trailer
  • Industrial equipment
  • Fishing boat trolling motors
  • Electric gate openers
  • Chargers for electric fences
  • Ipods, GPS systems, laptops, cameras, cell phones

It's pretty exciting to think that you can maintain the life of your batteries even when you're not using your boat or tractor, isn't it? Solar energy has amazing potential! It's also comforting to know that you can power up your small gadgets when you're out in the wilderness or somewhere that doesn't have an electric power source readily available.

You can find portable panels with different wattages and each is designed to work for certain sized batteries. Talk to the manufacturer or retailer about the proper wattage needed. Solar panels start at 4 watts and go up to 11 watts and higher.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Portable Solar Power

Portable solar power systems require extra equipment to work right. This results in additional expense at the front end, although in the long run you will save money!

You will need items such as connectors that can fit with the recharging plugs. You may also need a set of battery clips to be able to charge a vehicle battery. Thankfully, these are relatively inexpensive additions to the solar panels.

A portable solar power system is a more expensive investment, although new technologies are being developed such as more easily manufactured thin film solar panels which will eventually lower the cost.

These systems are very useful if you camp or hike a lot, are using an RV, or are working out of your vehicle and need the battery to remain charged for long periods of time.

One important thing to remember about portable solar panels - they are not designed to recharge a completely dead battery, only one that is partially depleted or simply requires maintenance.

Portable solar systems are great for back up power if you are in an area where the electric power goes out often! In fact some people use portable solar power generators for this very purpose!

Technologies for solar power are expanding and the portable solar systems are just one example of the new and exciting things in store for this renewable and free energy source.

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