Renewable Energy Grants

Homeowners, farmers, and businesses are all potentially eligible for renewable energy grants and solar energy grants from the government. Learn how to apply, what information to prepare and how to maximize your chances of getting grants for solar and renewable energy!

Renewable Energy Grants

These grants enable you to go green in your home or business by using clean renewable energy resources for your power needs.

The long term goal for the Earth and for future generations is really determined by what we do now in terms of switching from fossil fuels over to clean, green energy.

If you're interested in applying for one of the many renewable energy grants or solar energy grants, it's important to understand the groundwork that must be completed prior to filling out a grant application.

  • Research - be sure you understand the type of energy grant in which you're interested. It's vital to know what it is that you want and whether or not it's even available at the time of submitting your application.

  • Site Assessment - make sure your location can benefit from the use of a renewable energy source. A specialist in renewable energy will visit your site. He or she will provide you with a report that will contain vital information you'll need to apply for a grant.

    The report should include an overall analysis of your energy needs and an indication as to whether or not you have renewable energy sources available at your location. The report will also include recommendations for specific types of renewable energy options, the approximate cost of these installations, and the optimal locations for each on your property.

  • Get estimates - contact contractors to give more accurate estimates on the cost of installing solar panels and other necessary items to take advantage of available renewable energy sources.

  • Zoning - make absolutely certain that the zoning laws in your area, whether for residential or commercial areas, will allow the installation of solar panels or other types of equipment designed to utilize wind, water, geo-thermal energy.

  • Insurance - will your homeowner's or business insurance policy cover your property with these changes?

  • Apply for the grant with all of this information in hand.

A renewable energy grant is an excellent way for the homeowner or business owner to take advantage of money given away from the government in order to make our homes and office buildings more eco-friendly and to save money over the long term as well.

However, when you apply for one of these grants, you'll be asked for not only the details of the project you have in mind and the expenses associated with every aspect of it, but a number of other details as well.

Be prepared to spend some time not only taking the steps outlined above, but also to take ample time to complete the grant application in its entirety.

It's well worth the time and effort required to research, apply for, and (possibly) receive one of these renewable energy grants available through our government; especially when you consider the amount of money you'll save in the future.

In addition to grants for clean energy sources, check out possible tax incentives or rebates available to the homeowner and/or business owner for retrofitting the home or business location with eco-friendly energy resources. You may be surprised to find you might qualify for more than one benefit!

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