Seven Emergency Solar Gadgets to Help You Through Your Next Power Outage!

The very nature of an emergency means you are potentially in a situation without the creature comforts you’re used to, which could possibly include electricity or a source of power. Those are the times that solar gadgets designed to help you in an emergency can come in handy!

We’re highlighting several solar gadgets that could provide an important service for you in the event you are without power.

XTG Solar Gadget for Emergencies

Using solar energy, the Solar Portable Battery Pack with Flashlight and Lantern
portable gadget can recharge your favorite handheld device such as your iPod, MP3 player, Bluetooth, or cell phone. Take it to work, on a camping trip, on a hike, or into the back yard.

Price: $30

Solar Lights for Vehicles

This six pack of emergency lights functions like your hazard or flashing lights in the case that your vehicle has no battery power left. Take them along on your boat, in your camper or RV, to the fields on your tractor, in an airplane, on the bicycle trail, or your vehicle.

Features include:

· Built to last – practically indestructible
· Weatherpoof and waterproof
· Coated with rubber – safe for metal
· Magnetic
· Shines brightly enough to be seen 1.2 miles away
· Will flash for 60 hours
· Re-charge them using a solar charger – charge lasts up to 2 years

Price: $50.00 for individual lights; $300 for lights plus the charger case

Multifunction Solar Gadget – Raptor by Eton

The beauty of the Eton Raptor Solar Charger
is that it can function as a compass, digital radio tuner, barometer, altimeter, digital clock, cell phone charger, LED flashlight, and a bottle opener too! It’s designed to be waterproof and withstand inclement weather conditions.

Price: $200 (without case)

DZ Solar Emergency Light

A handy portable emergency light
is always a good thing to have on hand and this gadget fits the bill. It’s outfitted with 18 LED lights, a backup battery, and a solar panel that can put out 3.2 watts. It can operate as a freestanding unit, or it can be attached to a surface with suction cups if needed. It doesn’t just power the light alone; it can power other small devices too with the additional cables included with the unit.

Price: $110

Portable Solar Generator – the DZ-PW50

This DZ product is a fantastic emergency solar gadget that has a rather large solar panel for a portable gadget at 5.8 watts. It also has the ability to recharge your cell phone, lights, or your vehicle battery using the sun’s energy. The generator can run for up to 30 hours when it’s fully charged.

Price: $173.00

Track Talk

Solar devices are especially handy if you’re out in the great outdoors and need light, a radio, or a compass. The Track Talk has these features and more, making it a favorite among people who hike, climb mountains, or simply enjoy being in the wilderness. Recharge it simply by using the sun’s energy! It will provide up to 8 hours of light or 16 hours of communication via the radio feature.

Escape Light – powered by LEDs

People who live and work in the big cities will appreciate this solar gadget. It’s a light that sits on a stand while it charges and then, when needed, it will light up and gives you a map so you know how to get to the nearest exit.

Solar energy can be what provides light and communication for us in the case of an emergency! It’s a renewable energy source too, so we can take advantage of it no matter where we are in the world.

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