Solar AA Battery Charger

A Very Handy Solar Power Battery Charger!

The right solar AA battery charger can make all the difference when you need charged batteries to power your camera, radios, or other small devices. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of solar chargers and the ones that people like the best!

Looking for just the right solar AA battery charger, but don't really know how to go about finding the best one for you? Solar chargers have great potential and can come in very handy in many situations.

We'll take a look at how these chargers work, the benefits and drawbacks of solar chargers, how long you can expect to wait for a battery to be charged, and other helpful information. You'll be better equipped to shop for and find just the right charger for your needs!

How Does a Solar Power Battery Charger Work?

Solar AA battery chargers are much like any other solar-powered devices in that they use photovoltaic cells to capture the sun's energy and then turn it into power. This is a simple explanation of how a solar charger works.

The sun's rays shine down from the sky, hitting the solar panels that contain dual-layered photovoltaic cells. When sunlight reaches the two layers, one becomes negatively charged whereas the other becomes positively charged, which then in turn creates electricity. That electricity can power your cell phone, MP3 player, or re-charge your AA batteries.

What Types of Solar Power Chargers Are Available?

Foldable models - these are perfect for traveling. This type typically contains 4 to 6 small solar panels that can be folded up into a convenient carrying case, but can contain up to 10. Plan on 4 to 6 hours for recharging in direct sunlight. Prices range from $116 to just over $600 for foldable solar charger models. Wattage and number of solar panels determine the price.

Rollable solar AA battery charger - another great option for travelers, camper, and outdoor enthusiasts. Some are manufactured to be waterproof and can be rolled up in a long tube for transport. Be prepared to pay $199 to just over $500 for a rollable model.

Suitcase style - still easy to transport, but shaped like a small suitcase. Can take along or use at home. It takes about 1 to 2 days of direct sunlight to fully charge batteries with this charger. These can be purchased for as little as $30 or as much as $45.

DIY solar battery charger kits - feeling ambitious? Purchase a do-it-yourself kit that has everything you'll need to assemble your own charger for charging AA batteries. The kits are affordable at around $19 to $40. These take an average of 5 hours of direct sunlight to charge fully.

Multi-type chargers - these are small, weighing around 2-3 pounds, but are multi-tasking solar chargers that can charge not only AA batteries, but also AAAs, Cs, and Ds. The AA batteries take roughly 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight to re-charge.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Solar Power Chargers

Solar chargers are incredibly helpful in some situations, but do not fit all needs. As solar technologies develop, we will likely see the drawbacks become less while the advantages become more compelling!

Benefits of Solar AA Battery Chargers

  • Portable - take them anywhere

  • Environmentally friendly power source - no emissions or waste

  • Easy to use

  • Some models are relatively affordable

  • Most are travel size - some small enough to fit into a purse or backpack

Drawbacks to Solar Power Battery Chargers

  • Absolutely need the sun to shine in order to use a solar charger

  • Some chargers take longer than others, so you'll need a dose of patience

  • Size of solar panel can determine how long it takes to charge the batteries

  • Cloudy days inhibit the output of any solar charger

Helpful Tips for Portable Solar Charging

The longer the solar panels are exposed to direct sunlight, the more energy they'll capture. Energy that isn't used right away can be stored. The more sunnier the day, the more energy you'll be able to store!

The size of the solar panel on the charger will determine its output or wattage. Devices that require more output when operating may mean you will need a battery charger with a larger solar panel. Folding solar chargers are ideal for this because there are multiple panels in one charger.

Higher wattage solar panels will also charge faster than lower wattage panels. Depending on your situation, this may be an important feature to you.

Many solar battery chargers are equipped to charge various size batteries, small devices, and even a 12V car battery!

Didn't find exactly what you were looking for? Keep your eyes open for the new technologies entering the market as manufacturers and individual companies come up with new, efficient, and lighter weight solar AA battery charger models.

Take a look at customer reviews of any model or brand name solar charger you're considering to see what other consumers say about them. This information is always a great resource when shopping for solar devices.

Customer Reviews of Solar Power Chargers for AA Batteries

Brand names of solar chargers designed specifically for AA batteries that were a hit with consumers included:

  • Solar 11-in-1 Battery Charger

  • 4 Battery Solar Charger by SunJia

  • AA and AAA Solar Battery Charger by XTG Technology

  • AA Battery Solar Panel Charger by PowerFilm

  • PowerFilm F15-600 10watt Solar Panel Charger - Folding

  • Premium Solar Charger by XTG Technology

  • AA and 9-Volt Battery Charger by Solar

  • PC5 by Suntactics

  • PowerFilm F15-300 5 watt Solar Panel Charger - Folding

  • Solar Power Battery Charger by C. Crane

  • 22005 12-Volt MotoMaster Eliminator Solar Panel - Folding by Sunforce

  • 12301 Nomad 7M Solar Panel by Goal0

Thumbs Down For These Solar Chargers ....

Consumers did not like the performance or quality of the following solar power battery chargers:

  • 81-000009 Explorer Foldable Solar Panel by Brunton

  • 82883 Solar AA Battery Charger by Sunforce

  • Solar Battery Charger by Solar Whole Sales

  • Sc-2800 Solar/USB NiMH 2800 mAh Battery Charger by Sunpak

A Really Fun Way to Start With Solar Energy

You're going to love the flexibility and freedom your new solar AA battery charger affords you! Take it with you on your camping trips, RV trips, hiking trails, bicycle trails, to the remote cabin in the woods, to the beach, or anywhere else you think a solar charger may come in handy. It's nice to know that you have a power source available no matter where you are!

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