A Solar Alarm Can Help the
Environment and Save You Money

If you need an alarm but do not want to pay sky-high electricity bills, a solar alarm may solve your problems. Instead of connecting to the electric grid, these alarms use solar panels on top to store light energy in batteries, which then can power the alarm. This not only saves on the electric bill but also enables lights to be set up without needing lots of wires to connect them to an outlet.

The one disadvantage to solar power is that the solar panels need direct light to charge their batteries, which may prevent their use in certain places. A solar alarm which is enshrouded in shade all day long is almost certainly not going to get enough light to power an alarm.

solar alarm

Similarly, certain climates may not have enough sunlight during the winter or the rainy season for an alarm to charge its batteries. However, in many situations, the actual usefulness of a solar panel depends on how effective the panel is and how much light it receives, two factors hard to determine without testing the alarm.

Types of Solar Powered Alarms

Small solar panels can power many different types of alarms. Wristwatches can be solar powered, as can alarm clocks. Home security alarms and motion detectors can receive energy from the sun, either instead of or in addition to conventional power. Ssome people keep those alarms plugged in as a backup measure!

Pool alarms, alerting you if someone or something goes in a pool, can be solar powered. Frost alarms, which alert farmers if the weather gets too cold, can also be connected to solar panels, and there are many other types of alarms available as well.

Solar Powered Motion Sensor
Detector Alarm

A solar powered motion sensor can be an excellent way to detect intruders, especially in rural areas where large properties make it cost-prohibitive to connect an alarm at the edge of the property to an outlet. This solar alarm has a sensor that, besides detecting movement, also senses whether it is dark outside so that it does not waste power during the daytime.

The alarm is very effective at sounding the alarm about intruders and will stop thieves in their tracks when they hear the booming warning. However, the unit, like most similar motion detectors, requires direct light which makes it unusable in some areas, such as under a line of trees at the edge of a property.

Eyewatch Outdoor Wireless
Solar Security Motion Alarm Detector

The EyeWatch is a very effective motion detector alarm. The siren emits a high-pitched noise and electronic voice alerting anybody who wanders onto the wrong property Thanks to its solar panel, no wires are necessary and the oval sensor is weatherproofed so that it can work well outside.

During the winter in certain regions, the solar panels are ineffective as the climate is too cold and there is not enough sun. While larger, more efficient solar cells and batteries may alleviate some of that problem, any solar-powered device will face similar issues; that problem is not unique to the EyeWatch.

Timex T065S Solar Powered
Radio Controlled Atomic Alarm Clock

The Timex alarm clock is set automatically based on the US atomic clock to ensure that it has the accurate time, no matter what. The alarm also has a solar cell and rechargeable battery to keep the clock going throughout the year. This means that it should work no matter what -- no having to reset the clock after a blackout or due to daylight savings time!

The clock has some limitations. In order to save power, the display does not stay on at night, so users must press a button to turn the display on. Some people find that they need to keep it by the window for it to receive the atomic clock's signal. If you don't mind these features, this Timex clock might be a good solar clock purchase.

Casio Men's AWS90-7AV Ana-Digi
Tough Solar Alarm Sport Watch

This Casio watch uses solar power to keep ticking. The solar cells recharge the battery during the day so that at night it does not stop. Many people really love the watch and its combination of a digital screen and analog hands for telling the time.

Some people who use this watch say that the watch components are cheaply made. The watchband is flimsy rubber that wears out quickly and does not let skin breathe. In addition, the dial window is made of easily scratched plastic, rather than glass. The inexpensive price and durability of the solar power are the main benefits of this solar sport watch.

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