Solar Bird Bath Fountains

Solar bird bath fountains are a great way to support the ecosystem, start using solar energy in an affordable way and enjoy the benefits of bird watching all at the same time.

As open spaces become increasingly urbanized, our wildlife is losing more and more access to wild habitat every year.

Birds that live in suburban and urban environments need access to clean water to drink, splash around in and cool themselves off during hot summer days.

A solar bird fountain can easily provide this kind of resource to neighborhood birds. And the solar powered pump means that there's no added electricity cost to deal with.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a rural area, especially if you're near a creek, rivers or lake, your local birds may have plenty of natural water sources to sip and dip in.

Solar bird fountains can provide places of refuge where birds can enjoy their baths safe from predators, and you can enjoy watching them preen and play.

Two Major Benefits of Solar Bird Fountains

Bird baths can be made from almost any material that is waterproof and can withstand outdoor weather: concrete, terra cotta, metal (copper is especially beautiful as it weathers), glass, mosaic, resin, etc.

The most important features are that they hold water, are shallow enough for small birds to wade into without being submerged and that they are safe from predators.

Please remember that the fluffy and friendly neighborhood cat is a natural predator for birds, and will pounce on its prey if given the chance – it's the cat's natural instinct.

Bird baths need to be cleaned on a daily basis to ensure that the water is clean and safe for the birds to drink. This added chore may deter people from setting one up. One way to eliminate the need for daily maintenance is to buy a solar bird fountain.

The fountain pump circulates the water and keeps it fresh. This ensures a healthy water source for the birds, and prevents stagnant water from collecting so that it doesn't breed mosquitoes and spread West Nile virus.

Tips for Placement of Your Solar Bird Fountain

Since birds most likely to use solar bird bath fountains are small, the most useful types are made with shallow basins. To provide safety from predators, they are typically designed to sit on an elevated pedestal.

Since solar bird fountains do not need access to electrical power outlets in order for the pumps to run, they can be place in the middle of the yard where birds can have a clear 360-degree view of their surroundings to feel safe.

Another good location is near a large tree, several feet away from the trunk so cats can't reach it, but beneath overhanging branches that the birds can fly to if they feel threatened.

In order for the solar panels to collect the suns rays during the day, the solar bird fountain should be located so that its panels are exposed direct sunlight for several hours during the day.

It should be placed on a flat and stable area to ensure that they don't tip over or wobble when birds land on it. A small concrete slab, or a pad made from bricks or concrete blocks set into the dirt or lawn is ideal.

Which Solar Bird Bath Fountains Work Best?

The most popular types of solar bird bath fountains are made with a combination of basin and pedestal. A shallow basin about one-and-one-half to two feet wide sits securely atop a pedestal about two to three feet tall.

The basin is deep enough to hold only about two inches of water, which is enough so that birds can splash water over their backs with their wings and drink comfortably. Wider basins are not recommended because they make it difficult for birds to see predators approaching.

The fountain head usually rises from the middle of the basin, providing a gentle spray of water. Two-tier designs with another small pedestal and basin arising from the center of the main basin provide additional room for birds to perch.

The waterproof solar collector is positioned underneath the fountain head and can collect sunshine even though it is immersed in water. The pump is usually located in the pedestal itself, hidden from view.

Solar bird fountains made from fiberglass resin are the most affordable and offer the widest selection of styles because they can be molded into any shape from classic reproduction designs to modern artwork.

The wide selection of styles, colors and designs means that you can easily find solar bird bath fountains that will enhance your outdoor living area, provide environmental support for your feathered friends and give you years of bird-watching enjoyment.

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