Solar Cookers International

Solar Cookers International was founded in 1987 and has been teaching people from sunny locations all over the world to cook with solar ovens. This is so helpful in Africa and other developing nations where women and children often have to carry firewood for miles.

Not only does cooking with solar ovens save women and children a great deal of time, but it also helps to preserve local forests, and improves local air quality because there is less smoke in the air.

Additionally, the use of a solar oven requires so much less time that it used to take to walk for miles to get firewood, so now women and children are freed to grow vegetables and provide for themselves more easily.

Solar Cookers International is also known as SCI and they provide an extensive internet database on solar cooking information, as well as many other educational publications. They provide advocacy and work with governments and also non-governmental organizations to bring the solar cooking to as many people as possible.

Please visit their site to learn more about their work at

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