Solar Driveway Lights

The Benefits of Solar Power Outdoor Lighting

Solar driveway lights are an excellent way to bring a bit of illumination, safety, and aesthetic value to what might otherwise be a ho-hum driveway.

Once you try solar powered driveway lights, you'll quickly discover how handy they are and how much you come to depend on them!

How Do Solar Power Driveway Lights Work?

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You've probably heard of photovoltaic cells if you've done any research at all about solar energy. Photovoltaic cells are built into most solar devices and are what make these amazing lights come to life at night.

The sun's rays shine down on the photovoltaic cells contained in the lights during daylight hours. The sun's rays are then converted into energy that the light can use and stored until such a time the light is needed.

When the sun goes down, the sensor inside the solar light is triggered and the energy stored during the daytime powers the LED bulbs inside the light fixture. There are many nice features about solar driveway lights that are making them more and more popular with homeowners.

Benefits of Using Solar Driveway Lights

  • Enhanced security from the standpoint of being safer for people walking and driving up the driveway

  • Beauty - adds attractive curb appeal to any home

  • Provides additional visibility at night

  • Deters vandals and would-be burglars

  • Waterproof and resistant to weather elements

  • Environmentally friendly - uses renewable energy and create no emissions

  • No wiring required (unlike electric lights)

  • Easy installation process, so it can be a DIY project (saving even more money)

  • Low maintenance - the sensor turns them on automatically and the most you'll have to do is change the storage batteries every few years and make sure the surfaces of the solar cells stay clear.

Styles of Solar Powered Driveway Lights

Manufacturers of outdoor solar lighting have responded to the great demand for this product and have come up with every shape, color, and design of solar lights for the driveway. You're going to find a style that works well with your home and adds beauty to the front of your home. Your neighbors will love the new additions!

One style of driveway light is one that nestles into a pot that is put into the ground beside the driveway. The lights are directed upward and they cannot be damaged if driven over, stepped on, or even jumped on by enthusiastic children.

Another style of solar driveway light is the solar long post lights that resemble a spike or rod that can be inserted into the soft ground alongside the drive.

The solar lamp post light can also be stuck into the ground next to the driveway. Still another style is a flat solar light that rests directly on top of the driveway. Or, if you're sure you love your driveway design, there are solar lights that you can actually embed into driveway pavers.

Solar driveway lights vary in price from $19.99 for the marker style lights all the way up to $165 for the flat lights that can be embedded into paver stones.

The one drawback of solar driveway lights is that as the night goes on, the illumination does gradually decrease, so by the time the wee hours of the morning arrive, the lights are not terribly bright. However, advances are being made to improve this one drawback about driveway solar lights.

Buying Solar Power Outdoor Lighting

Solar energy is constantly evolving, however there are still some limitations to its use and some of the solar powered gadgets that you find in the department store may or may not be useful.

Some customers have not been satisfied with solar yard lights that they purchased. Perhaps they purchased a low quality brand, or perhaps they didn't buy the kind of solar lights that would work best for their particular location.

As a customer, you need to either educate yourself, or work with someone who knows a lot about solar power.

I am pretty busy and even though I know a little about solar energy, I prefer to shop with merchants that specialize in solar power. They are experts and they use the technology themselves in their own homes and in their stores and workplaces. They generally choose products that work well and can answer any questions you have.

I like the folks at Solar Sphere. They have been in business a long time and they know solar energy inside and out. Kriss, the owner is very prompt at getting back to customers to answer their questions.

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