Solar Ear – Affordable Hearing Aids

Solar Ear hearing aids

Solar Ear hearing aids

Hearing aids are expensive and are not often covered by insurance, so there are millions of people throughout the world simply going without them.

The cost of a single hearing aid can be as "low" as $750 or as much as $1,750, not including the cost of batteries that run around $1 per ear per week.

It's no wonder that many people, especially those who are financially strapped or disadvantaged, cannot afford to purchase the gift of sound.

Solar Ear was created by a gentleman named Howard Weinstein and has since sold several thousand Solar Ear hearing aids, batteries for the devices, and solar chargers to people in 40 different countries.

The cost of his hearing aid and solar charger is just under $100 and the batteries, which cost a mere $1 each, can be recharged by the sun's energy and last for up to three years. His invention, which isn't patented by the way, is much more affordable for those who just don't have the money to buy such an essential item through typical channels.

Where is the Solar Ear Manufactured?

Currently, the Solar Ear is being produced in the countries of Mexico, Brazil, West Bank Palastine, and Botswana, with hopes of additional operations in other countries in the coming years.

Guess who manufactures or builds these hearing aids? Mr. Weinstein employs over 1,000 people who are deaf or have a hearing impairment!

He approaches the high schools
in the local areas and inquires as to whether the deaf students in the school would like a job building the Solar Ear. The only condition he places on employment is that the students must remain in school and get an education if they want to keep the job.

Mr. Weinstein feels that if people are empowered right within their own communities to make things better for others, they will take on more responsibility and become more willing to step out with their own creative and innovative ideas; to become entrepreneurs in their own right.

Cool Facts About Solar Ear

· The solar charger that comes with the hearing aid fits into your palm, so it's portable and easy to use

· The batteries for the hearing aids can be recharged, making it a more affordable option

· Disadvantaged people have been given the opportunity to hear again because of Solar Ear

· Received Tech Award Laureate

· The technology for Solar Ear is not patented – Mr. Weinstein would like for more people to have the opportunity to have hearing aids

· Sustainable business

· Improves local economy by providing jobs to hearing impaired

· Solar charger can use the sun to recharge the batteries or it can be plugged into an electrical outlet

The information on Solar Ear hearing aids is disseminated through organizations in the local areas surrounding the manufacturing operations and non-governmental organizations around the world.

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