Solar Energy Advantages Disadvantages

As with anything in life, there are solar energy advantages and disadvantages. Solar energy has some huge advantages, but the chief complaint among the solar energy disadvantages is the cost.

solar energy advantages disadvantages

Even though the financial investment required for purchasing and installing a home solar power system is typically expensive or even cost-prohibitive for some, there are some exciting new options available nowadays that can make solar power more affordable for a greater number of homeowners.

We will review these costs and compare them to real-world energy needs and costs of conventional energy sources in the average home.

Keep in mind that it is always smarter to spend a greater amount of time researching what you are about to spend your money on than in actually shopping for that system!

It's all too often that some people will dole out large sums of money for systems that aren't compatible with their needs or they purchase a home solar system that comes with large hidden maintenance costs attached.

As an old carpenter once told me, "measure twice, cut once." The same holds true when deciding whether to purchase a solar energy collection system. Review the facts for each system at least twice. Ask as many questions as possible. Consider whom you're asking as well because some salespeople will tell you only what you want to hear so they can sell you their product or kit. Talk to professionals in the solar energy business and get their take on the system or systems you're considering. They won't have a stake in what you purchase, so you could probably get more valuable information from them.

Advantages of Solar Energy

To summarize, when weighing solar energy advantages and disadvantages, these are the advantages:

  • Massive savings over electricity and fossil fuels for years to come - with the high cost of electricity, natural gas, heating oil, etc - solar energy, once the initial investment is made, is a free source of energy.

  • Your electric company will pay you! On-grid solar energy systems will actually "buy" the electricity that may reverse back to the grid if you produce more than you use.

  • Solar energy is totally renewable energy and environmentally safe

  • Solar fits into our existing world – it's easy to install solar panels in largely unused areas without disrupting the natural environment or negatively impacting wildlife.

Solar Energy Advantages Disadvantages - The Down Side

To summarize the disadvantages of solar energy:

The initial cost is the biggest disadvantage. If you are planning to go all out with solar energy, the up-front costs can be quite high. Honestly, that's the only problem with solar energy that I can see.

I know that when you're talking about both sides of the issue - solar energy advantagesand disadvantages - this may sound like a very lop-sided statement.

But I say that because the benefits of adding solar power to your home far out-weigh the limitations, and that includes the financial aspect. I encourage you to explore all your options.

If you would like to live green, save energy and ultimately save a lot of money, then you may find the initial investment is quite worthwhile for you in so many ways!

Think of it this way – if you wanted an RV so you could go tooling around the country, would you be willing to take out a loan to get that RV? Why not make an even better investment and take that first financial step toward freedom from traditional power sources by adding solar to your home? The rewards, including financial rewards, will last for years, not a season!

Why There is Hope Even With These Solar Energy Disadvantages

Even though the cost of a solar power system can be daunting, you may be able to swing the cost in several ways.

  • You could apply for solar power grants

  • You can do it yourself with DIY solar power

  • There may be a group buy option in your community, as these are springing up in cities now - check to see if there is one in your community

  • Check your area, as you may be able to rent solar panels

Additionally, there are new technologies being developed such as nanosolar and thin film solar panels that are lowering the costs of solar panels as we speak! :-)

Nanosolar is a unique process by which ready-to-use solar cells are printed rather than manufactured for use in solar panels. Amazing technologies are in process and on the way!

Additional Resources on the Advantage of Renewable Energy:

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