Solar Energy Courses

Solar energy courses are quickly becoming a valuable part of college curriculums and professional training course offerings. The booming renewable energy market has provided a demand for trained professionals in all areas of renewable energy, including solar, geothermal, wind, water, and biothermal.

Solar Energy Courses Locally

If you're interested in learning more about the careers available in the renewable energy arena, call or visit your local colleges to see which courses they offer. Some colleges offer undergraduate and postgraduate engineering degrees geared to the renewable energy markets.

It's also possible that certain organizations in your local area offer solar energy courses and hands-on experience for those already in a career or business who could benefit greatly by training and obtaining certification in one of the renewable energy fields. If you can't find something in your local area, expand your search and see what comes up.

Workshops are offered in many Western states such as Oregon, Washington, and California if you desire to get hands-on experience with solar, wind, and water technologies. The workshops last from a few days to a few weeks, so you can tailor your workshops to your interests and schedule.

Solar Energy Education Online

Online solar energy training is now being developed and can provide you with courses on solar energy, wind energy, and other green energy jobs. One advantage to online courses is that you can work at your own pace and take only the courses in which you're interested.

Costs vary per course, but it's well worth checking into if you find that actually attending classes or traveling elsewhere for workshops doesn't fit into your schedule or lifestyle at present.

Range of Topics Covered in Solar Energy Courses

There is a broad range of topics available within the solar energy field. They might include (but aren't limited to):

  • Solar electric
  • Sustainable building
  • Rural development
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Wind power
  • Solar thermal power

There are, in addition to online courses and college classes, DVD and video courses available as well. These are excellent resources for college students or for contractors who want to study more about the opportunities available in the renewable energy fields.

Possible Resources for Solar and Renewable Energy Courses

  • Boots on the Roof - this organization appeals to business owners, licensed contractors, sales managers, architects, and many other professionals who may desire to add a solar energy element to their company or business.

    It's a program developed by professionals in the renewable energy markets who want to share their knowledge with other pros who want to learn new skills and take them back to their respective communities.

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) - a professional organization offering certificate programs and recognized certifications to professionals in all of the renewable energy markets in North America.

  • School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering - a set of free online courses

Courses on solar energy aren't offered everywhere in the country yet, but it won't be long before every college will have set courses geared toward green energy jobs and the many exciting opportunities available in those fields.

Affordable Online Solar and Renewable Energy Courses

There are some useful online solar energy courses that teach you how to "do it yourself" to create solar panels and your own solar energy system. These are provided in an eBook or eBook and video format. Among these are:

Solar Power Design Manual course was created by a solar engineer and provides expert assistance on designing and installing your own solar system.

Green DIY Solar - considered one of the best online "do it yourself" solar training manuals, contains regularly updated information, 60 minutes of videos, and personal one to one support.

Earth4Energy - another popular online DIY solar energy course, this one also provides DIY solar information, and more on the broad overview of how solar energy works, with information on how to start your own solar energy business.

DIY Solar Water Heater is a complete instruction manual on building your own solar water heater.

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