Solar Energy Education

Solar energy education is growing throughout every country and around the world. These are some of the different types of solar energy training and solar instructor opportunities available today.

solar energy education

We are realizing that the need for renewable energy sources is mounting, and if we want to be effective in transforming our energy sources from fossil fuels to using only renewable sources of energy, we must train and certify professionals in every area of these markets.

This is where solar energy training becomes vital to every community in every country!

Solar Training and Solar Courses Can Upgrade Your Professional Skills

Are you an electrician, plumber, architect, roofer, water specialist, geologist, or engineer? If so, you already have an excellent foundation on which to build a service offering within the solar energy markets.

Your current knowledge will serve to give you an advantage over anyone just coming into the renewable energy field. As you probably know, the residential and commercial markets for renewable energies are rapidly growing and expanding.

This is the time, right now, to take advantage of any education or hands-on experience you can get in the area of solar, wind, thermal, and water resources.

Are you a high school graduate looking for an interesting career? If you love working outdoors and have a heart for the future of the environment and the world, a green energy job may be just the right career choice for you. However, for those who enjoy working out of the elements, there are plenty of sales, marketing, and accounting positions available in green energy fields as well.

Types of Solar Energy Education Courses

Residential Solar - these types of courses would cover skills such as installation, assembly, sales, engineering, administration, development, marketing, storage, engineering, and research. Of course, solar power basics would be covered as well.

Commercial Solar - these courses are a bit broader than the residential courses, and would include the basics of solar cell technology, code considerations, zoning, sizing up a system, electrical calculations, and site assessment.

Solar Installation - this type of solar energy education course can appeal to two types of people: the do-it-yourself homeowner or the professional who wants to add services that include installation of solar panels to residential locations.

Topics might include: site evaluation, system performance, characteristics of solar cells and panels, wiring methods, proper mounting methods, maintenance of solar panels and education on how to communicate these things to your customer.

Becoming a Solar Energy Instructor

If you're interested in becoming an instructor for solar energy education courses, you should contact the Solar Instructor Training Network. They will be able to walk you through each step of becoming an instructor in this rapidly expanding field of green energy.

Where to find Education Courses on Solar Energy

If you live in the U.S, currently there are courses on solar energy offered in California, Wisconsin, Oregon, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, New Mexico, and New Jersey, to name a few.

It wouldn't hurt to talk to the colleges in your community to let them know you are interested in solar energy education courses. Who knows, you may not be the first person to mention it and it may become a reality at some point!

There are new solar energy courses available online by solar experts such as well as resourceful do-it-yourself experts.

My favorite do-it-yourslef solar energy training resource is Green DIY Energy which provides both eBook and video training on how to set up your own do it yourself solar energy system.

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