Solar Energy for Homes

How You Can Benefit from Using Solar
Energy at Home!

Solar energy for homes is becoming more and more popular as awareness of how fossil fuels are adversely affecting our health and our environment. Learn how to solar power your home affordably!

two story home with solar panels on roof to illustrate solar energy for homes

Homeowners are opting to build new homes using passive solar house plans over traditional house plans because they want to save the most energy possible over time.

For those who want to convert their existing home over to solar features, there are many solar kits available for the avid do-it-yourself person. Or, there are solar gadgets and appliances that can be added to your home to make a significant difference in your energy consumption and savings.

Solar energy for homes is used in two different ways: actively and/or passively. Passive solar techniques involve utilizing the sun's energy naturally with excellent house designs, thermal mass materials, and building the home in such a way that the sun can heat and cool it naturally. No mechanization is involved with passive solar power.

Active solar technologies include solar panels and solar thermal collectors which are used to capture, store, and use sunlight. Certain devices are required to efficiently use active solar power, but the maintenance of these devices is extremely minimal.

Whether you're building an earth-sheltered house, a straw-bale house, wood house, concrete house, or even what appears to be a conventional house, there are always interesting ways to save energy throughout the house.

Consumers are taking advantage of the newest and greatest solar features available for making your home more energy efficient. Have you ever considered being a home that requires zero energy from the power company? It really is possible to go "off-grid" by making the most of solar energy for homes.

What are some of the solar appliances and gadgets people are using?

  • Solar panels
  • Solar roof tiles (decorative, yet using the sun's rays)
  • Solar battery power chargers for laptops, cameras, cell phones, hand-held devices
  • Solar ovens
  • Solar water heaters
  • Solar power calculator
  • Solar lights for homes and gardens
  • Solar attic fans
  • Solar pool cover
  • Solar generator
  • Solar shades
  • Solar fountains
  • Solar refrigerators

Whole home solar energy systems are becoming more commonplace as the technologies improve and the prices slowly decline for the materials and labor required for adding solar panels and appliances to a home.

Nearly everything in your home can now be powered by solar energy. The do-it-yourself kits are very reasonable and are easy to install. No matter whether you're in a home already or want to build one brand new, there are ways to turn your home toward using solar energy.

There really is no reason any longer not to add some solar features to your home in the way of solar appliances, solar lights, or solar panels given that the price points have lowered over the last few years.

Just think of the money you'll be saving each month! The savings will quickly add up over a few months time. Also, your personal carbon footprint on the environment will be smaller, which is a good thing for future generations, right?

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