Your Dream Solar Energy House

Can you envision your dream solar energy house? It might prove to be a bit of a challenge given that solar homes are so new to the residential market. However, wouldn't it be fun to dream about what your home might look like?

solar energy house

Would it be round, square, rectangular, oval, or have many shapes and levels? A solar energy house built with your own custom design is truly a sight to behold. Many solar homes appear to be quite like a conventional home in design, whereas others completely defy traditional house design in appearance and features.

What would your dream solar energy house look like? Depending on where you would build your home, the designs available are very interesting for solar homes. Straw bale homes, earth sheltered solar homes, conventional style solar homes, and adobe solar homes are some of the solar powered home design styles on the market today for those looking to build an energy efficient or zero-energy home.

What are some of the most appealing aspects of a solar home?

  • Open floor plans
  • Comfortably cool in the summer
  • Cozy warm in the winter
  • Lots and lots of natural sunlight streaming into the home
  • Unique design features (no cookie cutter house designs in sight!)
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Quieter environment – no heat or AC kicking on and off constantly
  • Radiant flooring
  • Long lines of sight through the home
  • Natural materials used throughout – wonderfully efficient at using solar and beautiful too
  • Creating a sustainable home (will last a long time)
  • Using renewable resources

The design of your dream solar energy home is the key to saving the most money possible on your energy bills, but the fun doesn't stop there. There are many solar appliances and gadgets available now too to help make your home more energy efficient, quieter, and cleaner.

A solar refrigerator, solar water heater, solar pool heater, and solar lights are just a few of the newest and best devices on the market to incorporate into your new solar home. Imagine receiving your energy bill only to find out that because you've adopted solar energy as your power source, the utility company has to send you money! :-)

Solar panel systems for residential use have come so far that they can often be seamlessly inserted into the design of a solar home in a way that just seems natural and looks fantastic at the same time. Solar power homes just make more sense in the big scheme of things.

Why not have your dream house and it is a solar one to boot? Why not have all the comforts and features of a beautiful conventional home, but have it be powered by the sun's rays?

It certainly makes more sense to consider this instead of yet another cookie-cutter style home that everyone else already has. Why not help save the environment while you enjoy your one-of-a-kind home?

Using solar energy in place of non-renewable resources means you're providing your children with a world that is cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable. That may be the very best reason of all to build a solar power home!

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