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Essential Solar Power Info for Everyday People!

Sometimes the amount of solar energy information on the Internet can be daunting for ordinary folks. Here is some of the most important info on solar power that you need to get started, including the newest and most affordable ways to use solar energy.

Solar power could change the face of the world as we know it if we’d embrace it and other renewable energy sources with open arms!

Quick List of Solar Energy Information

Solar energy is being used to cool and heat residential homes and commercial establishments. The use of solar energy is being designed into passive solar homes and added to existing homes in order to help with monthly energy costs.

Solar energy is also being used efficiently for day lighting in homes, business buildings, and schools. It can be used to heat water and other fluids, as well as for cooking and making saline water potable.

Think of solar power as a method of disinfecting and for distillation. Solar energy is often used for agricultural advances of crops and gardens.

Different Types of Solar Energy

There are two actual types of solar energy:

Passive solar energy is the energy derived from the sun without the need for mechanical devices.

  • Natural lighting during daytime hours
  • Heating a home
  • Naturally cooling a home
  • Chemical solar energy (photosynthesis)

Active solar energy uses the sun’s energy once it is captured and stored using a variety of mechanical devices.

  • Solar engines or generators
  • Solar panels
  • Solar appliances
  • Solar gadgets

Current Solar Technologies, Appliances, and Gadgets

New solar technologies are consistently entering the market today. It may not be far off to say that someday, solar technologies will become direct competition for fossil fuel technologies.

What types of new solar gadgets or appliances are being created for future use or have recently entered the “green” market?

Solar energy isn't all about large, expensive, whole house solar power homes. There are more and more interesting, exciting and downright fun ways that solar power is being used!

  • Solar purses and solar shoulder bags there are a few on the market today, but are still very new. These purses are designed with a solar panel sewn into one side of the purse. You can power up your cell phone or other handheld device while it is inside your purse!

  • Solar toys can you imagine gifting a toy to your child that he could not only build himself, but also make move by allowing it to capture and store the sun’s energy?

  • Solar decorations these work by using solar cells instead of electricity or batteries. Great for your holiday displays.

  • Hand held solar device covers some companies who manufacture small devices are working on creating a solar cover that can recharge whenever it’s in the sun

  • Solar lanterns

  • Wireless solar speakers for CD players, MP3 players, televisions, and personal computers

  • Solar car fan and Solar powered car ventilators to help reduce the inside temperature of the vehicle during the warmer months

  • Solar power rodent repeller - produces sound waves which cause rodents to flee

  • Solar fountains as decorating accents for gardens

Will Solar Energy Ever Be More Affordable?

The most affordable way to incorporate solar power into your home is by building your own solar panels. Installation of the panels should be contracted out to a professional, but the actual building of the solar panels is very possible with one of the many DIY solar panel kits available on the market today.

As any new technology improves, it seems to become more affordable as new models are manufactured and new features are added. As advances are made in the solar power industry, the solar gadgets, appliances, and panels will hopefully become more affordable as well.

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