Solar Energy Kits

Three Types of Home Solar Power Kits

Solar energy kits are an excellent way for homeowners to make a move toward going green when it comes to powering their homes, recreational vehicles or boats.

solar energy kits

Solar power home kits can be useful in helping to bring together many of the different types of equipment that will be needed to install a residential or custom solar system, which can simplify your shopping and installation experience.

These kits are especially useful for people who have some experience with solar power installation. If you are relatively new to solar energy, be sure that your solar power kit comes with reliable telephone and e-mail support or else you may experience significant frustration with your project if you run into a snag. Having a person available via telephone who knows the product and knows solar very well may come in handy!

There are three main types of solar energy kits available on the market today. Each one has a specific purpose and different capabilities. Keep in mind that price can determine the quality of your kit. The same rule of thumb applies here as it does to other situations in life – if the price looks too good to be true, it very could be a kit that requires additional purchases or doesn't come with customer service. Take the time to find this out first!

Types of Solar Power Kits

The price you'll pay for a solar kit will vary greatly depending on the size of system you require and the amount of power you want to generate.

  1. Grid Tied Solar Kits - this type of solar energy system is designed to help you reduce or eliminate your power costs. Ideally, if your system is large enough, you'll be able to store excess energy and sell it back to your power company.

    Wouldn't it be nice to receive a check from them instead of sending one? :-) Grid tied solar kits typically include: solar panels, an inverter, and electrical components such as boxes, cables, and disconnects. Kilowatts generated from these kits can be at the lower end of 2.3 kilowatts or up to 12.65 kilowatts. Prices range from $2,000 to $50,000 for these kits.

  2. Off Grid Solar Kits - if you desire to be completely free from the power company or live in a remote area, an off-grid system is the answer. Off grid solar kits are designed to power everything you need, including appliances, lights, heat, and air, with a battery backup system in the case of cloudy days.

    Off-grid solar energy kits typically contain solar panels, wiring diagram, an amp charge controller, inverter, battery, and output cables. Generate around 300 watts of power with an off-grid kit or even as much as 1800 watts of power with a larger kit! You'll need to purchase a grounding rod, conduit, and wire separately.

    As the size of your kit increases, there may be additional components included in the kit. The prices for off grid solar kits have a wide range, beginning somewhere around $800 for a small system to $35,000 and up for larger systems. Again, the larger the system and the more power you want to generate, the more it will cost.

  3. Solar RV & Marine Kits - ideal for powering your recreational vehicle or boat, these systems are easily installed and very affordable. The kits contain solar panels, an amp charge controller, and battery, mounting hardware, and output cables. These kits can produce as little as 10 watts of power or up to 340 watts of power. Prices range from $175 to $1,800.

Most home kits do not include the array wiring required to run between the solar modules and the battery bank, so these items will need to be purchased separately.

It's very possible for a homeowner to purchase a solar power kit and install the solar energy system without too much trouble. The directions included in the kits are very detailed and are geared toward someone who has never installed a system previously.

Most solar energy kit distributors offer excellent customer service via the phone if you run into difficulties.

Many people also opt for purchasing their own kit and then having it professionally installed. In fact, some sellers of the solar kits will offer to install it for you for an additional price.

The prices for solar energy kits do vary between solar kit manufacturers, so do your research and see who offers the most for your money. Make sure that customer service is included with the price of your kit and what hours they're available.

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