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Making Fuel From Coffee Grounds Not rated yet
Your morning coffee gets you going in the morning by infusing your body with caffeine, but coffee could soon be fueling your vehicle too! Countries like …

Renewable Energy World Europe 2012 to address the integration of conventional power and renewable generation  Not rated yet
Michael Suess, CEO at Siemens Energy Sector confirmed as keynote speaker London, UK, 10 January 2012 – Renewable Energy World Europe, Europe’s leading …

Solar Roadways - An Innovative Idea for Solar Powered Roads Not rated yet
Solar Roadways is a small company in Idaho that was recently granted funds from the US Department of Transportation to develop their innovative vision …

Power Plus Communications Named in Cleantech Connect Top 50 Not rated yet
London, 18th November 2010. Power Plus Communications (PPC), a leading provider of broadband powerline communications for smart metering and smart grids, …

Companies Doing Good - New Google Earth Engine Not rated yet
It's always inspiring when companies make choices that will help the Earth towards a more positive direction. I feel a particular connection with this …

Getting Flack from Homeowners Association for Using Solar Panels Not rated yet
Ah, this is a sad situation where a smart and ecologically sensitive homeowner decided to install solar panels for a solar hot water heater. He checked …

Breakthrough for Thin Film Solar Cells Not rated yet
Researchers from from Oregon State University and Yeungnam University in Korea have made an important discovering in using continuous flow microreactors …

European Renewable Energy Council's RE-Thinking 2050 Report Not rated yet
The European Renewable Energy Council has released a new report detailing a 100% Renewable Energy Vision for The European Union . They present an in …

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