Solar Fan

Keeping Cool with the Power of the Sun!

A solar fan is similar to the appliance store version of an attic or whole house fan, but has some amazing advantages that every homeowner should consider for their home.

The solar powered fan is basically a mechanical fan that uses the sun's energy to power the fan and remove hot air from your home. There are many benefits of installing a solar energy fan in your home, not the least of which is a more comfortable and healthier home!

Benefits of Solar Operated Fans

solar fan with solar panel
  • Completely quiet when in operation

  • No electric connection required

  • Cuts down on the load your AC unit

  • Lower moisture levels and lower temperatures creates a healthier living space

  • Can adapt to almost any climate or environment

  • Reduces moisture and the risk of mold in your attic space

  • Can extend the life of your roof

  • There are tax incentives available in some areas of the country, which could lower your investment cost

  • Maintenance free

  • Costs nothing to operate once it's installed

Drawbacks of Solar Operated Fans

As with any technology, there are a few drawbacks to solar operated fans.

  • You may need to invest in more than one fan to pull enough hot air from the house to achieve a comfortable temperature

  • The sun needs to be shining in order for it to operate efficiently

  • Initial cost of solar version is higher than traditional one

  • Solar powered fans usually have a smaller motor and fan than electric version

  • Proper sealing is required or else air can be drawn from the house and moisture created inside the house

  • Homes that experience high winds aren't good candidates

How Are Solar Fans Used?

There are several versions of solar powered fans on the market today and it's likely that as the use of solar energy continues to increase, the number of technologies using this renewable power source will also increase.

These are just a few of the ways solar powered fans are utilized currently in residential settings or by individuals.

Solar Attic Fans are small fans installed on the roof of the house, and designed to remove the hot air that gathers in the attic of the home. These handy fans can be installed over your attic, in your garden shed, greenouse,or even your garage and they'll have the same effect – reducing heat and moisture in those spaces.

solar attic fan

It's important to note that these solar fans are not meant to remove the hot air from within the house itself. Solar attic fans are also called solar exhaust fans, which work in the same way to remove hot air from an attic space. Cost: $375 - $575

Solar Whole House Fans - this fan is installed into the ceiling of the home and is designed to pull the hot air from inside the house and exhaust it out into the attic space.

In order to receive the most benefit from this type of fan, it should be operated during the early evening or overnight hours. Cost: $600 - $900

solar car fan

Solar Car Fans are also referred to as solar vehicle ventilators.

This style of solar fan uses sunlight to power a low-voltage fan, which is designed to push out the hot air that gathers inside a vehicle during the summer months.

It is also supposed to draw fresh air from outside the vehicle, lowering the interior temperature by 15 degrees or so.

Some drawbacks with this type of solar powered fan: you must crack a window in order for it to work which could invite theft, they won't work in vehicles with tinted windows, and they don't seem to work on cloudy days. Cost: $20 - $40

Solar Gable Fans work much like the solar attic fan except it is installed in the gable of a home. Cost: $213 - $420

Solar Hat Fans, which are also called solar fan hats or solar fan caps, are lots of fun to wear, and are just what they sound like!

solar hat fan

The hat is outfitted with a mini sized solar panel, which is attached to the brim of the hat.

The panel captures the energy of the sun and powers a small fan that is directed on your forehead and face.

The hope is that the air it generates will cool you off, but the general consensus is that the benefit doesn't quite outweigh your appearance wearing the hat! Cost: $10 - $30

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