Solar Goodwill

Solar Goodwill is operated by Brian Clark of Colorado who travels to remote locations, villages and reservations to teach people how to build and maintain their own solar panels to create their own electricity. He also shows them how to teach others so that more people will be empowered by using solar energy.

In many poorer and more remote areas, the sources of energy are not reliable or are only available for a short time or for only part of a day. Many children who live in poverty need work during the daytime and they do not have access to electricity to be able to study at night. Solar electricity gives them the opportunity to study and to learn.

In places that do not have adequate electricity, fire and kerosene are used to provide heat and light at night. These are more dangerous sources of energy which can cause injuries and also contribute to air pollutions. Solar energy is a much safer alternative!

Brian has brought solar technology to:

Te PineRidge Indian Reservation in South Dakota
Uganda, Africa
The Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico

Please visit Brian's site to learn more about the wonderful work he is doing at Solar Goodwill.

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