Solar Hand Crank Emergency Gadgets

We talk all about solar here, but we also embrace the idea of a renewable energy source that isn’t always discussed as much as it could be and that is our own strength.

In the case of an emergency at night or on a cloudy or rainy day, you could still desire to have or need to have a light source. Solar powered gadgets work best when there is sunlight, right? So, what could you do if you’re without sunlight but need to see where you are or where you are going?

Hand held flashlights powered by a crank are fantastic gadgets to keep with you if you’re away from civilization for any period of time.

These flashlights and lanterns are just some of the ones on the market today that are powered by a clean (well, sometimes clean) renewable resource – you!

Advantages of Hand Crank Emergency Gadgets

The biggest advantage of the hand crank gadgets in an emergency is that you don’t need batteries, electricity, or even solar energy to power them. You simply need to use your own strength to crank them up and they’ll work for you.

Hand crank radios and flashlights function on a clean and renewable energy source and that’s always good news for the environment!

The concept of a hand-cranked gadget isn’t terribly new. Do you remember the hand cranked coffee grinders? Or have you ever seen the “old-fashioned” hand cranked grain mills?

Both of those gadgets were around long before the flashlights and radios, but the concept of using human strength to operate them is the same.

It’s a great idea to keep emergency flashlights and radios with you if you’re heading out on the bicycle trail, hiking trail, remote campground, running trail, or anywhere else you may want to go that’s not considered a populated and busy area.

Years ago the technology for hand cranked flashlights was more cumbersome, but nowadays some of the better devices can be powered very quickly with just a few turns of the knob.

Hand Crank Flashlights and Lanterns

These are some of the products and prices that we've seen on the market recently for different solar hand cranked gadgets. Please read on to discover the gadget that I found most helpful for an affordable and effective solar hand crank emergency gadget.

· Cyba-lite Mini Dynamo
Camping Lantern - $35

· Freeplay Kito Wind Up Flashlight - $25

· Dynamo Illuminator Wind-up LED Flashlight - $5

· TwinLight LED Lantern - $23

· PowerPlus Dolphin Wind Up Torch - $16

· LightStorm Flashlights - $23 - $28

· NEBO Windup Lantern and Flashlight Combo - $30

· Cyba-lite LED Dynamo Pull-Cord Torch - $24

· Hand Crank LED Head and Bike Light - $20

· Sherpa Hand Crank Flashlight - $40

Hand Crank Radios

· Survival Emergency Gear Crank FM/Weather Radio and Flashlight combo - $29

· BNF Elcrank3 Wind-up FM/Weather Radio - $32

· Ambient Weather WR-111 Radio, flashlight, phone charger - $40

· Eton Grundig NPT200WXB Rover PT200 Hand crank radio - $50

· Kaito hand crank radio and flashlight combo - $50

· Midland ER-102 Emergency hand crank radio - $46

· Weather X – Weather Band Radio - $20

· Buffalo Hand Crank radio and flashlight combo - $22

These are just a few of the ones available! The company Eton makes several different models. Midland and Kaito companies make different models as well within their own product line.

My Recommendation - All-in-One Solar Radio, Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger

Last year we had a terrible snowstorm that knocked out power to our entire region for over a week. It was really debilitating! After this I felt a need to have on hand some basic emergency supplies.

I looked a lot of different solar hand crank radios and based on the reviews and also affordable pricing, chose the Etón FR160BL Microlink Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Flashlight, Solar Power and Cell Phone Charger (Blue).

I loved it, and it works well and can make the difference between safety and danger in the event of an emergency. It will charge your cell phone, provide you with a radio and also a flashlight.

The radio can be activated both with the hand crank or the solar panels. Just a few cranks will get you a radio signal. It is small and easy to transport for camping purposed, or if you need to evacuate your home in the event of an emergency.

It is very well made and durable, and I got the best price at Amazon which also ships very fast and has an excellent return policy for any items which don't meet your expectations.

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