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Where to Find Renewable Energy Jobs

Are you looking for solar jobs and don't know where to start? Solar energy jobs and other renewable energy and green jobs can be found both locally, if you live in an area that has renewable energy companies, and also online if you know where to look.

We'll show you a few of the jobs available in solar technologies, some direction on where to look for solar energyjobs online, and also some related information on other kinds of green energy jobs.

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Let's look first at the different types of jobs that are available to those interested in the solar industry.

What Types of Green Energy Jobs Are Available?

There are so many avenues for jobs and careers in the area of renewable energy sources. A few that may be of interest to you might include:

  • Solar Lab Technician

  • Solar and PV Installer/Roofer

  • Solar Fabrication Technician

  • Marketer of Solar Technologies

  • Financial Analysts

  • Solar Operations Engineer

  • Solar Appliances Installer

  • Sales of Solar Technologies

  • Solar Sales/Schooling/Training

  • Photovoltaic (PV) Specialist

  • Architect (designing solar friendly homes)

How Do I Train for a Career in the Solar Industry?

Hands-on experience by far is the best training you can obtain for most green collar jobs today, including the field of solar energy and technology.

There are workshops, apprenticeships, internships, and companies willing to hire people for training in order to get the knowledge you need to become successful in this industry. There are colleges around the world now who offer classes and even professional degrees targeted toward solar jobs.

For those looking to enter into the renewable energy industry from another type of career, networking can also be helpful. Talk to people already working in the solar industry to get an idea of what is required and to see if you'd really like it before making a career change. Of course, any hands-on experience you can gain by working with a company or attending conferences and workshops is extremely helpful.

Resources for Finding Solar Jobs

  • - this website will match your skills to job opportunities available

  • - you can find job listings for green industry jobs in North America, England, Germany, and the UK

  • - their Jobs department offers job listings in the solar industry and a place to post your resume

  • - this site has quite a few resources listed for finding a job in the solar industry internationally and within the United States in their Dream Job Resources section at

In addition to looking online for solar energy jobs, you may want to approach your local government officials to see if there are any green collar job opportunities right in your city, town, or rural area. You may have a chance to work right in "your own back yard" and not know it unless you ask directly.

What is the Future of Green Industry Jobs?

The future of jobs in the solar industry, along with green collar jobs in other areas of renewable energy, is excellent, especially if governments continue to recognize the need for these jobs. As legislation continues to lend credibility to the option of using solar technologies, the outlook for jobs in the solar industry is very exciting.

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