Solar Lamp Post Lights

Eleven Advantages to Using Solar Yard Lights

Why should you consider solar lamp post lights for your landscape? There are several advantages to using these beautiful solar lights, not least of which is the aesthetic value they lend to your home, your driveway, deck, garden, and outdoors landscape overall.

solar lamp post lights

Many of the solar lamp post lights on the market today are reminiscent of the old gas lantern lights in design and appearance, however, there is a marked difference in the way they are powered.

A solar lamppost light uses the free energy provided by the sun to power the LED light inside the lamp instead of using gas that has to constantly be refilled to power a gas lamppost light.

Here are some reasons why you may want to use them in your yard!

Eleven Advantages of Solar Lamp Post Lights

  1. Solar lamp and post lights are brighter than you would expect, illuminating your path, garden, water feature, driveway, deck, and more.

  2. They are etremely easy to install because they require no wires and proximity to an electrical outlet isn’t even a consideration.

  3. Solar lights can be placed in any location where they’ll receive direct sunlight, which means you have greater flexibility when it comes to decorating your outdoor landscape the way you want it to look.

  4. They’re affordable if you look at it from the standpoint of a great return on your original investment (within one or two years).

  5. Solar post lamps give off absolutely no emissions, making the environment safer for you and your family and the earth as well.

  6. Your electricity bill will decrease - the solar lights are free to operate and you’re not sacrificing the amount of light you’re using.

  7. Solar light fixtures are designed in such a way to be resilient to inclement weather conditions. Some companies say theirs are not only resilient, and weatherproof as well.

  8. They are maintenance free, other than an occasional cleaning.

  9. There is no need for fuel, so you’re automatically saving money.

  10. A built-in sensor turns the light off and on when it’s needed, so no unnecessary energy is wasted.

  11. Outdoor solar lights are easily moveable if you want to re-design your landscape.

Disadvantages of Using Solar Yard Lights

There are a few disadvantages of solar lights, but these are far outweighed by the advantages solar lights provide to the homeowner. No matter where in the country you live, there will be days when the sun isn’t shining.

On those days, the solar lights will use the stored up energy in the rechargeable battery to provide you with light. However, if you have several cloudy days in a row, you may be without light from your solar lamp post lights until they can soak up more of the sun’s energy. These times are usually short-lived however.

Styles of Solar Lamp Post Lighting

The styles available for solar lamppost lighting are varied, so you can choose ones that will bring beauty and warmth to your existing landscape design.

Solar post lights come in varying styles, but in general can be found with one head, two heads, or three heads. The colors also vary, but this means you can choose just the right one to fit into your outdoor décor and to match the house beautifully.

Choose one style to line your driveway, another to illuminate your deck, and still another to light up your garage or patio area. You’ll find very quickly that they are easy to install and lend a soft, yet bright glow to your outdoor areas.

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