Solar Light in the Midst of Disaster by LuminAID

LuminAID, the very first inflatable light powered by solar energy, was created by Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork in response to the disastrous earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

These graduate students had a heart for the people of Haiti and wondered what they could do for the people in the wake of the devastation. They pooled their thoughts and knowledge and came up with an amazing little solar light that they called LuminAID.

The necessity of light is often overlooked when it comes to sending relief supplies to a disaster ravaged area, so Anna and Andrea felt that their invention was an important addition to the list of things that could be sent to help people trying to recover and rebuild.

What Is It and How Does it Work?

LuminAID is a lightweight solar light inside a waterproof, portable, heavy-duty plastic bag with a built-in handle for carrying or for hanging. It consists of a small solar panel, LEDs, and a battery.

It's very easy to use! Simply place it in direct sunlight so it can charge. Inflate it by blowing it up much like you would a child's inflatable for the swimming pool. Once it's filled with air, it can even float if necessary. The light illuminates the surrounding area much like a lantern with a soft light.

It can operate on a full charge for about six hours on a low setting or four hours on a high setting. Once the rechargeable battery has been recharged 800 times, the battery will have to be replaced, but that's the equivalent to nearly 3 years of use without having to replace the battery.

best part is that it uses only renewable energy – sunlight! Oh, and it has no moving parts that could become an issue either.

These solar lights are very easy to pack and send to any part of the world. They're compact too. Fifty LuminAIDs can be sent in the same space it would take to pack a mere eight flashlights. Each one weighs 4.5 ounces, so it's portable once it arrives at its destination.

Give Light, Get Light Program Benefits Many

This program called Give Light, Get Light benefits people around the world who would otherwise have no access to electricity or a light source. Buy one light for yourself and give another light to someone who needs one, all for a donation of $25.00.

You have the option of giving LuminAID lights in honor of someone you love and we'll send them a card to let them know of your donation in their honor.

Small businesses can give our solar lights in bulk and as our way of saying thanks, we'll print your business's information right on the lights you send out.

If you'd like to simply send a light to someone in need, it only costs $10.00.

It's a win-win situation when you consider you'll be providing light for someone to read to their children, finish their homework, complete work for the day, or perhaps just enjoy being together as a family while being able to see each other's faces after the sun has gone down for the day.

Other Uses for LuminAID
· Emergency light
· Camping
· Hiking
· Outdoor parties
· Great for keeping in the car for emergencies

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