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All About Solar Yard Lights and
Solar Powered Garden Lights

Solar outdoor lighting is one of the most economical and enjoyable ways to use clean, renewable energy in our daily lives. Solar yard lights and other types of outdoor solar lighting have many advantages over traditional lighting sources, but how do you find the best types for your own home?

The buzz about solar outdoor lighting has homeowners interested in and excited about the options available for lighting up their outdoor landscape.

solar outdoor lighting

It's amazing to see the solar lighting options available on the market today! There are so many styles, colors, and materials from which to choose and there is at least one to fit your budget.

Tips on Choosing
Solar Outdoor Lighting

Most people have a general idea of what styles they like and how they would like for their outdoor space to look, so take some time to jot down those ideas before you begin shopping for solar garden lights.

If you have some basic guidelines, you'll be better equipped to make decisions based on what you see and the features of each light.

If you have specific questions about how the solar panels work and about the solar energy that powers your garden lights, seek out merchants that specialize in solar energy products so that you can speak to experts.

Look for solar outdoor lighting that is designed to last and that can handle being outdoors in the elements. Make sure that your climate is suitable for using solar lights.

One of my favorite places to shop for solar lighting is the folks at Solar Sphere who provide excellent customer service.

Where Do You Begin
Looking for Solar Yard Lights?

More and more local retailers are carrying solar garden lights in their regular garden departments. You can ask your local landscapers and gardening experts where the most reliable merchants are located in your area.

You can also find retailers of solar outdoor lighting online, however be sure to check and make sure they are reliable, that they provide a money back satisfaction guarantee, and that their shipping rates are reasonable.

Fun Shopping for Solar Yard Lights!

In an effort to help you make informed decisions about which solar outdoor lighting options might be best for you, I've compiled a list of solar outdoor lights, the features and drawbacks of each one, and the price you can expect to pay for each light.

I've looked at the solar yard lights that have proven to be most reliable, that most customers like, and that also can provide an attractive addition to your garden. From one homeowner to another, I think you will love these lights!

Moonrays Solar Powered Path Lights

Solar Outdoor Lighting

This is a basic path light ideal for any area you want a little extra light.

Features include: lightweight, easy to assemble and install, sturdy plastic, and will give light throughout the night on one charge. Put them anywhere you like as long as they receive sunlight directly.

Drawbacks: the anchors that secure the lights into the ground aren't terribly long, so that could be an issue for some locations. Basic black in color, which may not compliment some garden décor.

Price: Ranges from extremely affordable at $3.00 each to up to $15.00

Moonrays Solar Powered Path Lights

Solar Bamboo Torch Light with
Flickering Amber LED

Solar Bamboo Torch Light

If you're looking for a decorative lighting solution for your deck, patio, or yard, this one could be just the thing for you. Features: constructed from sturdy plastic (but looks like real bamboo), adds beauty and charm to your outdoor area, automatic on and off sensor, and can be placed anywhere you like as long as it get direct sunlight.

Drawbacks: the lights aren't meant for providing strong illumination, so if you're looking for a light to read by, this isn't the right choice for you.

Price: $10.75 - $11.70 each

4 Pack Solar Bamboo Torch Light with Flickering Amber LED

Copper Stainless Steel Solar Lights

what is solar energy

A beautiful option for all of your landscape lighting needs. The copper finish lends an elegant or a rustic feel to your garden décor.

Features: copper finish, LED solar lights, stays lit for up to 10 hours at night, easy to assemble and install, 6" stake secures them into the ground and water resistant

Drawbacks: none that we could discover

Price: $15 - $20 each

Copper Stainless Steel Solar Lights

Solar Powered Globe Lights

Solar Powered Any Color Globe

Solar globe lights are especially beautiful and calming.  Some globe lights even float in water!  These floats in the water and lights up at night, casting a captivating glow across the water.

Some small globe lights are strung on a garland, some are large and are hung one at a time.

Features: the water globes float in water, change colors as it floats (one color of the rainbow to the next), stays put even in high winds, casts a lovely glow across the water

Drawbacks: battery compartment will corrode if it's left out during heavy rainstorms (just bring it in)

Price: $27 - $46 each

Solar Powered Globe Lights

These are just a sampling of the excellent solar outdoor lighting options available for homeowners. Take a look for yourself to see what you think of these and then branch out from there. There are several hanging solar lights, stepping stone solar lights, solar lamp posts lights and many more.

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