Solar Patio Lights

Solar patio lights make a beautiful addition to your back yard or garden or patio area. These outdoor solar lights are attractive, convenient, and help you to save on energy costs. Not all outdoor solar lighting works well, however a good quality light will provide both convenience AND energy savings.

solar patio lights

There are several types of solar lights available. These are some of the options!

Solar Flood Lights

First let's talk about solar flood lights. These lights are super bright and use LED bulbs designed with reflectors.

They have a special lens which helps to give it a bright high powered illumination.

Some models come with detachable solar panels, so you can place them in direct sunlight during the day – then plug them into the light at night. These are also known as solar security lights.

Solar Lamp Post Lights

Next there’s the solar lamp post lights. These can be as short as around 20 inches in height to over 6 feet tall.

These make excellent lights for lining pathways, entry ways, driveways or sidewalks. These lights can be used for both aesthetics and safety purposes.

Solar Path Lights

LED lights are also used in solar path lights. These are different from the light posts because they stay right at the ground.

Like the solar lamp post lights, they are meant to light sidewalks, pathways and are great to use around flower bed borders and landscaping. These usually work best in areas that receive direct sunlight, because the solar panel and battery are built right onto the small light post.

Solar Flood Lights

If you're looking for more of a light to showcase certain areas look at solar spot lights. These work perfectly with beautiful landscaping. They highlights areas that you want to show off offering an enhanced curb appeal.

The last type of solar patio lights are the solar string lights. These often remind people of Christmas lights because of the way they can be strung around objects. Other terms for them are fairy lights and Italian lights. These are often left up year round.

Choosing Outdoor Solar Lighting That Will Last

Outdoor solar lights that are made for the patio are inexpensive and easy to install. You can find these in most hardware or home center stores, or online.

Solar technology is still finding a place in our world and so not all types of solar lighting work well. To be sure that you choose a quality light, is most useful to purchase from an experienced and reputable outdoor solar lighting store that can offer good quality products which will work well for the long term.

Solar lights that are manufactured by companies which are experienced with solar energy will provide a great deal more quality than those which are not. A store that specializes in solar energy products will also provide good customer service and will be able to answer your questions and provide a guarantee of their product.

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