Solar Pool Rings

An Affordable Solar Pool Water Heater

Solar pool rings are a simple and very affordable way to keep your pool warm without the need for a heavy and more cumbersome solar pool cover ... but do they work as well?

Pool solar rings are one product you can use to insulate your pool, retaining the warmth of the day through the night. The concept of solar rings is that they function as a type of solar blanket or solar pool cover.

Solar rings are manufactured from heavy vinyl so they're durable and able to prevent evaporation of both pool water and pool chemicals.

They soak up the heat of the sun during the day and then once they're placed on the pool surface, they're supposed to keep the water several degrees warmer overnight than if you didn't use anything at all.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Solar Pool Rings

Solar pool rings have their benefits, but just like any product, they also have their drawbacks.

Solar rings are designed like mini rafts with magnets tucked inside the edges. The magnets help keep the rings in place on the pool surface, but will easily detach if something or someone falls into the pool.

Rings are lighter in weight than a full size pool cover, making them an attractive option to many consumers. The other beneficial feature of solar rings is that once the pool has reached the desired temperature, the rings can still prevent evaporation by turning them over in the water.

Solar rings also allow for some sunlight to penetrate the pool surface, which can help inhibit algae growth in the pool.

One drawback of solar pool rings might include the fact that you must purchase enough rings to cover at least 80% of your pool in order for them to have any effect. Each ring has to be inflated as well, which can be time consuming.

Once they deflate, they must be re-inflated. You must store the solar rings out of the sunlight or they can be damaged and rendered ineffective.

Some consumers say that solar rings are a disappointment - that they didn't significantly heat up their pool water like they were supposed to do. Others say they're convenient and easy to use.

How Do Solar Rings Compare to Other Solar Pool Covers?

Solar pool blankets or covers are all in one piece and can be rolled over the surface of the pool whenever it's not in use. Solar blankets tend to be heavier than solar rings, so that could be a drawback for some consumers.

Solar blankets do however seem to keep the water much warmer overnight than solar rings. It's a complete insulator, covering the entire pool surface and effectively raising the water temperature as much as 15 degrees.

Consumers who use solar pool blankets love the fact that they can open their pool earlier in the spring and leave it up later in the fall, getting the absolute most out of their pool investment.

Solar Pool Dome Heaters

These domes are designed to fit an above ground pool. The purpose of them is to help heat the water using the passive energy from the sun.

The down side of this type of solar pool heater is that it takes several hours of set up and tear down at the beginning and end of the swimming season because they're designed with windows and a door.

The hefty price tag of several thousand dollars (yikes!!) is a deterrent to many pool owners as well. Solar rings for the pool would definitely be a less expensive way to heat the pool compared to a dome.

Solar Pool Heaters

Solar energy can be captured and used to heat your pool by utilizing a solar pool heater. The heater is simply connected to the filtration system that comes with the pool. The heater is outfitted with a special valve that sends pool water into solar collectors where it is warmed by the sun's heat.

The warm water is then sent back into the pool, raising the pool temperature to a comfortable swimming and relaxing temperature. Following the initial investment, solar pool heaters don't require any further investment other than your time to maintain the system.

Our Conclusion About Solar Rings

Solar rings are beneficial for some consumers, but not for others. They're lighter in weight than other options, so they work well for people who may be less physically agile.

They are easier to store than some of the other options, so they might be a good option if you have limited space available. They are definitely less expensive than the other solar pool heating options.

As always, do the research so you can decide whether solar rings are the best choice for heating your pool with the clean, renewable energy from the sun!

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