Solar Power Companies

Ten of Today's Top Solar Energy Companies

Solar power companies are the up and coming businesses across the world. These innovative companies are striving to develop new and efficient solar technologies that could very well take us in entirely new directions when it comes to powering our homes, businesses, government buildings, and utility companies.

These are ten of the top solar companies in today's world.

First Solar

  • One of the fastest growing and largest manufacturers of thin film solar technology

  • Residential, commercial, and utility applications

  • Produce and recycle solar film modules

  • Corporate headquarters - Tempe, Arizona

  • Manufacturing locations - Germany, Maylasia, United States

  • Employ 4,000 associates

  • Future - create a sustainable energy source


  • Regional headquarters locations include Wuxi, China, San Francisco, CA, and Schaffhause, Switzerland

  • Provides solar power for residential, commercial, government and utility applications

  • Leader in development of thin-film solar cell technology

  • Future - research and develop solar panels with greater efficiency and longevity and increasing the output of solar panels


  • Based in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

  • Specializes in the production of monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon PV solar cells

  • One of top solar power companies in the world

  • Residential and commercial applications

  • Future - working hard to make solar technology permanently affordable and efficient. Also building up Q-Cells International, a subsidiary - specializing in solar technology specifically for large-scale projects.


  • Corporate offices located in Abeno-ku, Osaka, Japan

  • Leading electronic and solar technology company in the world in area of thin-film solar technology

  • Offers solar power systems for high-end homes, commercial applications, remote locations, and satellites and has installed solar in 1,900 lighthouses across the country

  • Future goal - a Sharp solar module in every area of the globe

Trina Solar

  • Headquartered in China

  • Leading manufacture of vertically integrated solar panels and products

  • Residential, commercial, and industrial applications

  • Future - improving wafer, solar cell, ingot, and solar module performance and to improve technologies involving recycling discarded silicon into new materials used to produce solar panels, etc.


  • Located in Taiwan

  • Third largest manufacturer of solar cell technology worldwide

  • Just established in 2005

  • Primarily commercial applications currently

  • Future - working toward making solar power the most utilized resource for electricity production around the world by the year 2015.


  • Corporate headquarters located in San Jose, California with offices across the country and world

  • Leading U.S. manufacturer of solar cells for residential, commercial, government, and utility applications, but also quickly becoming global leader

  • Future - SunPower wants their name to become a consumer brand name


  • Corporate headquarters located in Baoding, China

  • Employ 6,000 associates

  • One of largest manufacturers of vertically integrated PV modules for utilities and commercial applications

  • Future - to create products that efficiently use solar, making it the most affordable and long-term energy source


  • Manufacturing headquarters located in Kyoto, Japan

  • One of the largest producers and suppliers of vertically integrated solar technologies in the world

  • Future - by 2012, Kyocera wants to increase the production of their solar cells to 650MW per year. Kyocera solar panels may be available on the new Toyota Prius.

JA Solar Holdings

  • Located in Ningjin, People's Republic of China

  • Manufactures and sells solar cells to solar manufacturers across the globe

  • Future - solar cells called SECIUM which are highly efficient and promise to generate more power than solar cells currently being manufactured

The future of solar power companies is bright, especially if they are focused on the future and how their discoveries can help make solar power a core energy source around the world.

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