Solar Power Facts

We think these solar power facts may make you think twice about considering solar energy for powering your home or business!

Solar energy is being utilized in so many interesting ways throughout our country and throughout the world already, but there are many more ways it could be used to save the environment and to save on monthly energy costs.

Consider these fun and interesting solar power facts and perhaps you'll be thinking once again that "going solar" is exactly the answer for which you've been looking.

Every time you see the cost of electricity rising or see how fossil fuels are impacting our environment for future generations, think on how you can begin switching over to solar energy in your very own home.

Surprising Solar Power Facts

  • Solar energy isn't really a new concept. The farmers living during the Middle Ages oriented their fields in such a way as to garner the best and most sunlight for their crops. They knew back then that solar power was free and efficient.

  • Passive solar homes can be designed and constructed so that large areas of the home can take full advantage of natural sunlight throughout the day. The sun can heat a home, cool home, power appliances, provide light, and much more.

  • Did you know that there is a sufficient amount of sunlight shining onto the surface of the earth each hour of the day to meet the energy requirements of the entire world for 365 days? Isn't that an amazing fact? Why in the world is there an energy shortage?

  • By using solar power in your home, you could decrease the cost of water for your home by nearly 50%.

  • When you invest in a solar energy system for your home, you'll receive the return on that investment in a few short years. However, the best part is that you'll enjoy the cost-saving and environmentally friendly benefits of using solar power for years to come!

  • As of the end of the year 2009, there were more than 10,000 residential homes that power their homes solely with solar energy! You'd have a lot of great company if you decide to switch over to using solar energy to power your home.

  • Have you always wanted to live in a more remote area but were worried about power supply? You could utilize solar energy to completely power your home, even in remote locations (as long as you have sun for a good number of days through the year). Imagine the freedom you'd have from going "off-grid"!

  • Fossil fuels are not renewable. That means the fuels that power most of our homes and the world today will eventually run out or become so scarce that they will be too expensive for the average consumer. Solar energy and wind energy are both renewable (and free) energy sources that have no way of running out. That's a pretty solid future perspective!

  • Solar energy does not produce any pollution or damage to the environment.

  • You'll be making the world a cleaner and more sustainable place for your children and generations to come by switching to solar energy.

Have these solar power facts surprised or motivated you? We hope so! :-)

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